1 Way to Sprint Past Most Amateur Bloggers

  May 8, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

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Most new bloggers seem mentally programmed to fail, by default.


For example, buying your domain and hosting as a new blogger is a good idea. But most bloggers fear:


  • committing to buying their domain and hosting
  • wasting money
  • committing to blogging


Naturally, their three fears reflect back to them as:


  • choosing a free platform
  • scaring off readers who doubt their credibility
  • scaring off readers who do not trust them
  • repelling readers who sense their fear of committing to blogging, committing to buying a domain and hosting and their fear of wasting money


Most new bloggers appear to have each of these fears nestled deep inside the unconscious mind. By default, until a professional blogger tells most newbies of their common beginner, amateur hour error, each makes this mistake and fails until they buy their domain and hosting to begin blogging on WordPress dot org.


How can you sprint past most amateur bloggers?


Invest in your domain and hosting.


Invest in Your Domain and Hosting


Buying your domain and hosting distances you from most amateur bloggers because most blog on free platforms.


Investing in your domain and hosting:


  • buys you some credibility
  • buys you some trust
  • presents a professional brand image
  • affords you the ability to blog on WordPress dot org (the best platform for anyone with professional aspirations)
  • prevents you from getting kicked off of your blog (unless you foolishly break lenient hosting company TOS)
  • lets you customize your blog and brand
  • allows you to monetize through unlimited income streams


Meanwhile, amateur bloggers usually lack cred, never gain trust, convey an amateur-hour image, almost completely dissolve their pro potential, get their blogs closed down overnight without knowing the reason, lack customizing potential and can only monetize through a few channels.


Invest in your domain and hosting to get ahead of most amateur bloggers. Gain some credibility. Secure some trust. Own your blog. Customize your blog. Access a massive, experienced support community through WordPress dot org.


Who Should Use Free Platforms?


Any blogger who wishes to blog only for themselves should use free platforms.


If you want to blog for yourself simply use a free platform to write for fun.


Who Should Not Use Free Platforms?


Any blogger who wants to blog for others should not use free platforms.


Blogging on free platforms makes it tough to gain readers because the deck seems stacked against you. For every blogger who builds a decent-sized following on free platforms the potential to go pro seems highly difficult because free blog platforms limit bloggers with rules and regulations.  You cannot customize blogs to stand out. Monetizing potential is low. Free platforms can shut down your blog in a split second without needing to notify you because they own the platform; you are a free platform user, or, part of the product. Products are not entitled to receive an explanation if the product gets deleted from a library.


You are a free platform user, or, part of the product. Products are not entitled to receive an explanation if the product gets deleted from a library.Click To Tweet


If you do not pay for a domain and hosting the free platform owner has all the power and control. Attempting to become an entrepreneur on a platform where you have no power or control is ludicrous. Trying to run a business on a site where you cannot customize, monetize effectively, build a brand or gain rock solid credibility is virtually impossible.


Being an amateur blogger who gains a solid following may or may not happen on a free platform.


Becoming a professional blogger who builds a thriving business on a free platform is just about impossible because most of what you need to go pro does not exist on free platforms.


1 Common Excuse


The ego makes this common excuse:


“I will give blogging a shot on a free platform. If I gain a decent following I will migrate to WordPress dot org and buy my domain and hosting.”


Since you blog on a free platform, in most cases you will not gain a decent following because you lack branding, customizing potential and credibility. But even if you build a solid following your following would be 10 times larger if you began blogging on WordPress dot org.


Another Common Excuse


Most new bloggers say:


“I will begin blogging on a free platform to see if I enjoy blogging. If I dig blogging after this test run, I will buy my domain and hosting.”


Blogging on a free platform is light years apart from blogging on WordPress dot org. As a matter of fact, you are a free platform user, not a blogger, on free platforms because you own nothing on these site.


Free platform bloggers have little to learn. WordPress dot org bloggers have plenty to learn, practice and master to go pro.


Compare using a free platform to crawling on your hands and knees. Picture using WordPress dot org to driving a Ferrari at full throttle.


WordPress dot org bloggers can become wildly successful by learning, practicing and mastering the many tools, techniques, plug-ins, widgets and massive potential of dot org. However, using this platform feels intimidating for all first time users. Start on this platform now to cut into your learning curve. Eventually you will go pro but you need to practice without your blogging training wheels now.


Free platform users who may have enjoyed writing a few posts on free platforms find themselves rudely awakened the moment they invest in a domain and hosting and blog in the completely different universe known as WordPress dot org. Perhaps you enjoyed playing basketball for your freshman team but trying out for the varsity team feels far more challenging.




Begin blogging effectively now.


Get ahead of most amateurs.


Buy your domain and hosting.

  1. Danik says:
    at 10:19 am

    That is so true. I had all this in my mind when I hosted my first website way back in 2010 and decided to buy the domain straight away and like you said, get ahead of the game. It is so worth it, even if doing blogging as a part time venture like I am doing (as I work full time in London). I also hate the URL when bloggers use free platforms…looks so unprofessional and spammy. Great post here, and I hope new-first time bloggers take note.

  2. Morris Grand says:
    at 8:31 pm

    Oh yes, this is the most common mindset when starting out: “I will give X a shot on a free platform and when it works, then I’ll invest.” In reality it’s the opposite way and first you invest your time, money, and resources… paying it forward… and then later you’ll reap the benefits. I think that’s precisely what makes entrepreneurs different: They don’t mind paying it forward.

  3. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 12:12 pm

    Great post. When we shy away from investing in our blogging business, we essentially have one foot out the door. Invest, even if it’s just in a domain and hosting, and you’ll feel invested in your business, thus sticking it out when times get tough.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:07 am

      What an awesome way to put it Anthony. Investing in a domain and hosting goads you forward when times get tough because you will feel more professional, clear and confident.

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