How To Reframe Spending Money On Your Blog

  April 9, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Pee Wee Herman biking through orchard country in Opotiki, New Zealand.


10 years ago I invested money in something called a “domain and hosting.”


Had no clue in hell how it worked. Some internet marketer told me to do it.


Today I am looking out on the South Pacific in Opotiki, New Zealand. The view has been said “not to suck”.


Why did I become a full time, pro blogging, island hopper?


I invested energy and money into my blogging business.


Investments Yield Fun And Profitable Returns


My energy and money investments yielded immense long term returns. Instead of staring at shipping containers now – as I did over 10 years ago at a shipping terminal in New Jersey – I am staring at the turquoise South Pacific.


But most bloggers foolishly look at investing money as losing money. This damaging frame of mind creates more struggle, misery and failure than you could ever imagine. If you see loss, and blog from loss, you experience loss.


How To Reframe Dropping Dimes


Spending money is not losing money but investing money to lead to greater freedom.


Simple reframe here. Invest money. Money invested brands you effectively. Buying your domain and hosting helps earn you credibility a wee bit. Investing in a premium theme boosts your trust factor.


Examples of Investments


  • domain and hosting
  • CDN
  • premium or bespoke theme
  • courses
  • coaching services
  • eBooks


Every cent I spent on my blog – and my old WordPress dot org blog – helped me stare at the South Pacific versus big old containers in New Jersey. Investing money in freedom is always worth it.




Most Bloggers Vibe Mainly From Fear


Most bloggers – and humans – operate to survive. Do something to get something. Or work to get money to avoid starvation and to put roof over head. Captain Caveman. Unga Bunga.




Humans tend to be afraid. Afraid of loss. Chief among said losses is the loss of moolah. Money. Scrilla.


But money spent on growth, happiness and freedom is a multiplier, not a lost cause. See how silly fear is. It bullshits you into trusting illusions. Makes ya do stuff ya really don’t want to do. Like work a job you dislike. Because you fear losing money.


Anyway, bloggers who refuse to pay for a domain and hosting fear:


  • losing money
  • wasting money
  • spending “money they do not have”
  • going broke
  • wasting their time and energy


and their fear reflects back to them through:


  • using free hosting
  • using shitty free themes
  • struggling
  • failing


all because they let fear call the shots versus bitch-smacking this energy, feeling the fear, and buying their domain and hosting anyway.


Take This ‘Tude, Dude


Money spent freely multiplies your freedom.


Money spent on blogging is a business investment paying exponential returns over the long term.


You’ve no other options. Be cheap and fail. Actually, being cheap *ensures* that you waste your time. Fearful energy brings fear-filled results.


Money spent freely sets you up to succeed wildly over the long haul.


Spending money on your blog is not loss. Spending money on your blog is gain. Spend money on your blog to:


  • free yourself
  • be abundant
  • act and vibe like an entrepreneur
  • be prospering
  • position yourself as a leader
  • brand yourself effectively
  • make money more freely (there will be a lag between the money spent and money received but this gives you time to genuinely believe in yourself and your blogging business)
  • invest in your present and future


Exciting, right guys?


Knowing that spending money is not loss, but gain?


What a shift.


But if your mind is being a little shit and tells you that spending is loss, slap it around a bit and punch it in the chops with:


  • daily meditation; start at 5 minutes, Krishna-Blogger, and expand your awareness to face, embrace and release money fears
  • daily yoga; yoga opens up the mind and body, freeing you of illusions
  • reading 1 paragraph from every day, and meditating on the paragraph
  • celebrating every penny of money you made in life, and seeing the pennies and dollars as love, and nothing else, envisioning yourself being warmly embraced each time money from pennies to more flows to you


Guys, money blocks aka fears are often the last frontier to conquer for struggling bloggers.


Trust your intuition.


Money spent on your blog is an investment in fun, freedom, love and peace.


How do you see money spent on your blog?


Is it an investment in something fun and freeing?

  1. Keith Engelbrecht says:
    at 8:34 am

    Look, its not easy to refocus and not be fear driven when it comes to money or lack thereof. But your point is well made. Do they right thing from an honest place of good intent, and the money will follow. Good investment tips.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:11 pm

      This is a highly uncomfortable experience Keith 😉 Definitely worth it because when you are genuine, goodness do opportunities open up for you.

  2. Sue Slaght says:
    at 2:37 pm

    Fear really can be a paralyzing thing that is for certain. Clearly you have shown Ryan and continue to model the way that success is possible but it doesn’t come for free while you sit back and do nothing. Jumping in with both feet and being willing to swim like mad to make it work, that’s the vision I see of you. Then you find yourself on the white beach shore and go “Well that was definitely worth the swim!”


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