Social Media Engagement Done the Right Way with Alonzo Pichardo

January 10, 2018

social media done right


Are you a bit confused about how to effectively grow your blog through social media?


I have been in your boat, dudes and dudettes.


But over time, by following pro advice and by seeing social media as a fun way to inspire folks, to help folks and to befriend folks I cracked the social media code and grew my blog through sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


My friend Alonzo Pichardo and I recorded this online success chat to:


  • help you form more meaningful bonds with your social media buddies
  • alert you to common social media mistakes that you need to avoid like the plague
  • uncover the basic fundamentals of social media success: being generous and chatty
  • assist you in humanizing yourself and your brand on social media sites


As you know by now, most bloggers totally eff up social media, figuring that posting 1 link either to their page or to 20 Facebook Groups brings success.




You need to do the right things backed with the right energy to do social media right.



Your Turn


Are you following these tips?


How do you use social media to grow your blog?


What tips can you add to this list?


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  1. Being active on social sites is the way to go Israel. I like popping in to Twitter and Facebook a few times daily to answer questions and to chat with my friends. Bingo my friend; some time socializing, then more time on your blog.

  2. Hello Ryan,

    I shouldn’t be asked at all if I am following these tips. I am already digesting them and always getting ready to use them practically. You are an authority when it comes to blogging and training others towards becoming successful in blogging.

    I use the social media to grow my blog by simply participating actively at communities, acting as a real human being and helping a lot of people solve one problem or the other.

    One other thing that really makes socializing very effective and productive is regularity. One must be active, though must not consume the overall time socializing. Much more time must be spent working on one’s site.

  3. Happy New Year Shantanu! I do hear you dude. Sometimes it baffles me how folks are so anti social, especially when I know they are struggling with their blogs. Alonzo and I even mentioned this in the video; people who claim to be highly success then want to convey an image of being busy, as if they cannot reply to people on social media sites, to create an air of being in demand. What assholes LOL! In all seriousness, being social persistently will open so many doors for you. Thanks brother 🙂

  4. Really? Way cool! I know you both live in Rhode Island but have little knowledge of the state. I am so New Jersey and New York centric LOL. Being selfish is the ultimate social media campaign killer, or the social media kiss of death. If you can share other people’s content without looking for anything in return, you will do great on social media sites. You seem to be doing a great job being present to me Lisa, especially since you are super busy with a full time job, because your authentic willingness to connect with fellow bloggers is a sign that you are living in the moment much of the time online. Thanks so much and enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hi Duncan, you get by giving 😉 Meaning, promote other people first, who promote you, and they help you gain traction and get more readers, through your generosity, then, their generosity.

  6. HI Ryan and Alonzo. Nice to see you guys together on video. I heard last night that Alonzo lives nearby me 🙂 How cool is that? I’ll have to connect on social at the very least.
    I see many on social media that do not engage and only share their own info or only re-tweet you when you share their stuff. That seems a little selfish to me.
    I think at that point to Cori’s question is to move on! Next….
    I also loved your point about animals and time. Living in the moment is a goal for me but it’s hard when you work a day job and are on a deadline every day. Sure hope to be changing that in next few years.
    Thanks for the videos guys and have a great day!

  7. Hello Ryan,

    Great one over here and A Happy New Year 🙂

    Awesome interview and the best part was you both being easy to get things feed up in the brains and apply it on the worksheet.

    Indeed social media can be very helpful in marketing our things, blogs, products and whatever we are up to.

    This happens with me a lot, I regularly visit one of the bloggers I follow up, leave a decent comment on their blogs, share
    their stuff on various social media platform and in return there is nothing. I have also seen there is none of the approved comments on their blogs and they have social media accounts but they ain’t being social. This get me into a state of

    We all know that, in this blogging world we need to be social and the only things we can turn things up for us the connection we make with others, we need to be social and interact with others, so that the bonding is being made.

    Thanks for the share.


  8. Engaging is all about content. So how do you get the first content to be the catalyst on gaining more readers?

  9. I definitely know what you are talking about Cori. In that situation, I would probably share their content if it was phenomenal for a while….but after a bit, unless they are some kinda online celebrity who gets thousands of emails/social/overall requests daily, I am probably going to dissolve the prospective bond to chat with folks like yourself, and to share your content, and to bond with you. Thanks for listening and have a great week too!

  10. Cori Ramos Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Great interview! You guys were so natural and just going with the flow of the conversation.

    When you were talking about people not being social on social media – I could definitely relate.

    I know some bloggers who do not engage. I leave comments, share their post but nothing in return. And it’s been like this for a while. One day I was curious and popped over to their Facebook page and I was kind of shocked to see the only posts they shared on their page was their own posts yet they have thousands of followers. And it’s not just me, they won’t reply to anyone’s comments.

    It’s kind of hard to connect with people like that but I keep sharing their stuff because it’s relevant to my audience in this particular niche.

    What would you do in this situation?

    You guys were speaking the truth! I had fun listening to you guys talk. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Have a great day and rest of the week!


  11. I left a thought.