Do You Reverse the Roles of Social Media and Blogging?

  June 5, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read
Pondicherry, India

Pondicherry, India


Social media and blogging roles differ for bloggers


Social media is for amplifying blog posts. Blogging is for creating detailed content, building a brand, earning credibility and growing thriving online businesses.


Smart bloggers spend most time and energy:


  • writing and publishing detailed blog posts
  • reading and commenting genuinely on blogs
  • guest blogging


However, many bloggers make the odd mistake of reversing social media and blogging roles.


For example, bloggers spend 2, 3 or 4 hours daily on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The same bloggers claim to never have the time to blog. But these bloggers do have time to blog. Spending 4 hours on Facebook and Twitter daily proves that you have 4 hours to blog.


Social Media and Blogging


You choose how to spend your time daily. Beware the social media trap. Be equally aware of downing the significance of your blog. Blogging never works for people who underestimate the potential impact of their blogs. Blogging always works for bloggers who see the vast potential of building their blog patiently into something special.


Everything depends on your blogging posture.


Put blogging first.


Put Blogging First


Put blogging first in your mind.


Prioritize blogging.


Resist any urge to reverse the roles between blogging and social media.


Bloggers prioritize social media because:


  • billions of people use social media sites
  • social media seems like a good place for driving blog traffic
  • social media seems like a good place to meet new readers
  • Facebook and Twitter appear to be good spots for increasing blogging profits


Billions of people use social media websites but only targeted people highly interested in your niche matter blogging-wise from this collection of folks. Do billions of human beings on social media want blogging tips? Since I know the answer is “no” I only spend time engaging bloggers on blogging tips related Facebook Groups. I also follow only blogging related hashtags on Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with bloggers.


eBook: How to Stay Connected Online in a Volatile Social Media World


Social media is a good place for meeting highly targeted people but it is a poor place for driving traffic, meeting new readers and increasing blogging profits because Facebook and Twitter stay in business by:


  • keeping people on Facebook and Twitter
  • keeping people distracted on Facebook and Twitter
  • NOT sending people away from Facebook and Twitter to blogs and other sites


In essence, Facebook and Twitter are similar to a Venus fly trap. Social media owners need you to stick around or else they lose their power, influence and massive wealth.


Put blogging first.


Frame Social Media for What It Is


Social media is an effective place for meeting people interested in your blogging niche.


Help people on social via targeted groups and targeted hashtag searches.


Violet-capped hummingbird

Violet-capped hummingbird, El Valle de Anton, Panama


However, dropping bread crumbs to your blog via:


  • blog posts
  • videos
  • podcasts


seems to be an effective way to draw interested readers to your real blogging estate.


Drawing readers to visit your blog is the best way to increase your blogging income. Readers seamlessly scan your blog distraction-free, unlike distracting Twitter and Facebook sessions. Readers who visit your blog through social media also see your blogging products and blogging services easily; income potential grows if people easily see how you can help them through premium channels.


Never try to force people to your blog through manipulative methods. No one tolerates social media spam.


Simply be generous, patient, persistent and consistent in publishing helpful text answers along with intermittently dropping links pointing to your blog. Gradually, social media users become loyal blog followers if you keep helping people and also post links to your blog via your profile and the occasional link promotion via appropriate Facebook Groups.


Do not demonize social media. Everyone deserves to connect through free social media. Social media owners deserve to make a buck like you and I. But frame social media as it is from the mindset of a successful blogger. See this amplifying platform as secondary or even tertiary in your blogging campaign. First comes publishing detailed, SEO-optimized blog content. After that, social media marketing serves as a second or third priority but just for meeting new people and amplifying your blogging reach a tab bit.


Social media acts as a meeting space for people with similar interests. As a blogger, frame social media in this light to target only readers on Facebook and Twitter. Spend all social media time connecting with current and potential readers highly interested in your blogging niche. Spend no time speaking to anyone else on social media sites.


Beware Building Massive Empires Owned by Others to Ignore Your Owned Online Real Estate


Mark Z does not need more business. He seems to be doing OK for himself. I do not need to grow the Facebook empire by spending 4 hours daily on the site.


Twitter owners do not need more business. I do myself or my blog no favor by spending 3 hours daily on Twitter.


Stop neglecting your blog. Stop ignoring online real estate that you own. Use social media to leverage your blogging presence. Do not reverse the roles. Never use social media heavily only to ignore your blog. Frame social media as a tool to use for your blog. Never use your blog as a tool for social media. You do not own Facebook or Twitter but you do own your blog.


Spend most time and energy working your owned online real estate.


Build your own budding empire.


Stop building other empires.


Focus on your own.


Bloggers who spend hours socializing on Twitter and Facebook built the value of Twitter and Facebook during these extended sessions. If the same bloggers claim to have no time to blog these individuals self-sabotage by ignoring their business to build other entrepreneur’s businesses. This odd trait usually relates to:


  • low self-esteem
  • worthiness issues
  • deserving issues
  • lack of posture
  • lack of blogging confidence


Build your blog first. Then, use social media to connect with current and potential readers. Focus on your cyber real estate.


Learn from social media titans. Follow their lead in giving most online attention and energy to spending time to being on your blog, working on your blog, bonding with readers, publishing in-depth content and improving the user experience of your blog. Facebook and Twitter creators did not spend 5 hours daily dawdling on sites other than Facebook and Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg did not spend 4 hours daily publishing content to Typepad and networking on My Space. He spent most of his time and energy working directly on Facebook because where your attention and energy goes, grows.


Do the same. Follow his lead. You better stay logged in to your blog for hours daily to put in work. Give energy to your blogging real estate to grow your blogging real estate.


Limit Social Time


Spend small chunks of time working social media.


Set an alarm to drop social media sites like a hot potato.


Give most time and energy to blogging.


For example, if you are a busy full time employee who blogs you may have only 2 hours to work on blogging today. Spend 90 minutes specifically on your blog. Write your next blog post. Optimize old posts for SEO. Read and reply to comments. After spending 90 minutes on your blog spend 10 minutes on Facebook, 10 minutes on Twitter and 10 minutes on LinkedIn.


Remember the reason why you blog. Hold this fun and freeing driver in mind. Seizing this intent nudges you from social media to spend time blogging. Professional bloggers never go pro by spending hours on social media every single day. Top pros spend perhaps a few minutes on social media sites before spending most time and energy on their blog and on blogs run by other prospering bloggers.


Maximize Blogging Time


Admittedly, I wrote this post by realizing how spending another 5 minutes on social media today would be a foolish decision. Maximizing blogging time to minimize social media time makes sense since I own Blogging From Paradise.


Spend most time and energy daily:


  • working on your blog
  • commenting genuine on top blogs from your niche
  • guest blogging on top blogs from your niche


At the end of the day, working on your blog is your most important blogging task. Give most time and energy to writing and publishing blog posts for your community. Maximize time spent blogging on your blog.


Feel free to engage on social media after you give most time to your blog.




Spending too much time on social media and not enough time blogging is one common blogging mistake.


Check out this podcast for a list of other common blogging errors.


BFP 524: 5 Common Blogging Mistakes




Spend most of your time and energy daily working on your blog.


Optimize old posts for SEO. Write portions of a new long form blog post.


Follow up by commenting genuinely on blogs from your niche. Feel free to guest blog on blogs too.


Frame social media in the proper perspective. Meet targeted people on social media to amplify your reach but give most attention and energy to working on your blog to thrive.

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