How Do You Get Social Media Followers to Read Your Blog?

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(Updated 7/7/2022)


How do you send social media followers to your blog?


Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram collectively boast billions of users.


Attracting targeted social media users to your blog grows traffic and profits.


Facebook Groups, Twitter hashtags and Instagram hashtags draw highly targeted potential readers. Learning how to build relationships with pinpointed social media users goads some of these folks to visit your blog.


Driving blog traffic through social media is not as hard as it seems.


People want solutions. Learning how to solve problems by being generous, engaging and persistent eventually influences social media users to visit your blog to simply learn more.


Frame social media as the blogging appetizer and your blog as the blogging main course.


Inviting people to feast on your free, detailed content and premium offerings only benefits all parties involved.


How Do You Get Social Media Followers to Read Your Blog?


Most bloggers struggle to draw social media traffic for various reasons.


Dehumanizing users into numbers seems to be one common blogger social media error.


People who click Follow, Friend or any linking button on social media are human beings. Generously helping these human beings, speaking to them, asking them questions and answering their questions is the simplest way to influence the people to read, follow and subscribe to your blog.


Being impatient is another common blogger social media error. Getting social media users to read your blog requires work, patience and persistence. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users need to know that clicking over to your blog is worth their time. Patiently helping targeted individuals gradually draws people to your blog.


Let’s face it; Facebook fans, Twitter followers and Instagram nuts love their respective networks. Getting social media junkies to not only visit but read your blog takes generous service and time but is by no means an impossible task. The trick is to patiently and persistently publish helpful content and engage social users.


People will hop on over to your blog from social sites if you keep helping them and chatting with them. Engaged social users who appreciate your valuable posts on Facebook and Twitter grow to trust you. Trusting social connections seamlessly visit and follow your blog.


Put short cut hacks, manipulative tricks and persuasive techniques to the side for a moment.


Being a genuine human being on social media makes you stand out in a major way.


Follow these tips to attract blog readers through social media.


1: Generously Help People


Followers are people. Generously help people on social media. People come to trust you via your help. Trusting people follow your blog. Blog followers tend to buy your stuff, hire you and endorse you.


Help by publishing helpful posts on your blog and sharing to your social media profiles. Help by answering questions on Facebook Groups related to your niche. Serve by broadcasting live videos on Facebook and Twitter. Happy, trusting people who dig you on Facebook and Twitter begin following your blog.


Drop text only updates to increase social media engagement. Social sites give preference to text only updates over link updates to keep rampant self-promotion in check.


Engaged social media users who benefit from your updates gradually click blog links to migrate from Facebook and Twitter to your blog.


Helping targeted individuals is the most effective way to get social media users to visit your blog.


People follow value.


Provide value on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to influence people to migrate from social media to your blog.


2: Speak to People


Reply followers on Twitter. Ask how their day is going.  @reply people who RT your content. Reply to followers who comment on your Facebook updates. Reply to friends who Share your Facebook updates. Speak to people. Talk to followers. Bond with followers.


Being social with followers forms bonds. Followers trust you more deeply because you listen, process, answer, chat and care. Trusting social media followers follow your blog. Simple.


Visit social media sites at least once daily for 5-10 minutes to engage followers and friends. Increase frequency to 2-3 times daily as your engagement increases.


Engaged social media followers tend to follow you to your blog.


Resist the urge to get lazy with engagement. Most bloggers never gain social media traction because they lose motivation when nothing seems to be happening.


Keep being social. Gradually, social media followers become loyal blog readers if you actively engage people on social sites.


3: Ask Questions


Human beings who follow you on social media enjoy being heard, being cared for, and being able to share their thoughts.


Ask questions related to your blogging niche. Let your social media followers answer. Answering questions gives people power, confidence and clarity. Bloggers who share the spotlight, giving people power, confidence and clarity attract large, loyal followings to their blog through social media.

Ask questions persistently to break through lulls. Even bloggers with solid social media engagement may not generate a high volume of answers after asking a few questions. But asking questions frequently eventually goads readers to answer your queries.


As questions and answers increase so does the likelihood of trusting social media followers visiting your blog.


4: Answer Questions


Answer questions tossed your way via social media followers through DM’s, Messages, Facebook niche specific Groups, LinkedIn and Twitter hashtag lists aligned with your niche. Answering questions lobbed your way bonds you to people who grow to trust your advice. Again; trusting humans who follow you on social media gravitate toward your blog.


Be active on Facebook Groups. Follow Twitter hashtags related to your niche to engage targeted Tweeters with answers to pressing questions.


Surf, Hidden Beach, Bali

Hidden Beach, Bali


Answering questions freely gains you critical trust which draws readers to your blog.


Create in-depth, detailed answers for optimal results. Hefty answers drive intrigued users to your blog. People who deeply appreciate a thorough answer to their question via a Facebook Group happily click over to your blog.


5: Develop Posture


Most bloggers blog from fear. Scared bloggers impatiently, desperately and greedily run around trying to GET followers. Failure follows because what you chase, flees. Face fears. Feel fears. Release fears. Develop posture.


Attract humans via social media to your blog. Be generous. Be social. Allow social media followers to gravitate to you, to follow your blog and to become loyal readers, customers and clients.


Two chief factors fuel successful blogging social media campaigns:


  1. trust
  2. generosity


Trust the tips above. Be generous. Organically, trusting bloggers become patient bloggers. Generous, patient bloggers follow simple steps – help people and talk to people – for a sustained period of time. Following simple, proven steps for a period of time, patiently, influences people to follow your blog after following you on social media.


This is hardly rocket science and in truth, most humans find helping humans and talking to humans incredibly easy. But you need to change your mindset if you work your blog and social from predominant energies of fear – like most bloggers – because only posturing, trusting bloggers who help folks generously, patiently and persistently influence social media followers to become blog followers.




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Here’s why:


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Social media brims with potential blog readers for the sheer volume of humans who use sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Targeting your campaign effectively draws social media users to your blog.


Be generous, patient and persistent to attract blog traffic from social media.

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