Snatching a Kitty from a Deadly Krait in Bali

Jimbaran, Bali.

This story from my 27 Netflix Worthy Travel Experiences involves a krait, a kitty and a nasty cut.


The Scene: Jimbaran, Bali.


A few week’s prior I helped slay a spitting cobra in the same location. Snake country. This wasn’t the plush, luxe, glam surroundings one experiences while staying at cushy resorts by the beach in Jimbaran.


We had to motorbike through such a bone-jarring ride to get to the villa that whenever we traveled to and from the property my teeth chattered like Alec Baldwin’s gums in Beetelgeuse after Beety removed his chompers from his pie hole.


This place was out there….


One day, while walking around the grounds, I saw something weird in the tall grass by the driveway, in a Jurassic Park type swath of lush vegetation on the property.


A small, bright blue wrapper.


Strange, I thought. The staff never litters. Because they need to clean the place. No sense making more work for yourself.


Kelli and I didn’t leave trash around. Nor did our house sitting counterparts.


Impossible for trash to blow onto the property, with the nearly King Kong sized walls that guarded the place.


Even weirder? One of the cats we were caring for – Squeaky the Squeak Man – seemed intrigued by the wrapper. Transfixed, even.


He pulled in about an inch from the trash. Was he appalled by Bali’s trash situation? Did he give enough of a hoot not to pollute? Was he making a scene to go green?


I didn’t think so. Cats are clean, and may seem green, but I didn’t trust his social consciousness.


Anyway, I moved in closer. Only to see the trash move.


Left to right. A bob. A weave.


Then I almost began to heave.


Snake! Bright colored sucker too. Meaning it was either mimicking a deadly snake. Or it wasn’t faking the funk.


I saw something even more amazing; a tiny pair of feet slowly disappeared into the snake’s mouth. He/She (PC) had just caught, killed and downed a mouse. The kitty was likely drawn in by both the snake and its prey. 1 part jealous. 1 part opportunist.


Turns out it was a krait. One of the most venomous snakes on earth. The homeowner warned us kraits lived in the area. The alleged trash verified this.


So before I thought of apologizing to the krait for the grievous insult I had to grab the Squeak Man quickly before he got tagged and bagged (crude death reference).


I shot out with lightning speed. Because if the krait struck and bit the kitty our friend Squeaky would have likely died in minutes. Although the owner had snake anti venom on the grounds I wasn’t sure if the antidote combated krait venom….just cobra venom, I recall.


Just when I grabbed kitty his gaze and attention was so intense that he lashed out at me in surprise, tearing into my hand with his claws. Hence the featured image for this post.


Adrenaline carried me forward from that point. I ran out of the driveway, holding the cat with a vice-like grip, into the yard, slammed the gateway shut, tossed him inside the house and began to round up the remaining cats, also keeping tags on the dogs too.


5 minutes later I carefully and delicately slunk back into the driveway area after all pets were accounted for.


I cautiously moved towards where I last spotted the krait.




Neither scale nor serpent.


But I will always remember the day I snatched a kitty from the fangs of death in Bali.