4 Blogging Lessons Smaug Teaches You

June 10, 2018
Barrel Rider……from our trip through Wellington, New Zealand.


Lord of the Rings Nut, meet Smaug.


Smaug, meet Ryan Biddulph.


What a perfect opportunity to learn a few lessons that can put your blog into overdrive.


A few hours ago I traveled through Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington is home to the Weta Workshop, the design house spawning Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. The folks at Weta designed an incredibly life-like version of the demon dragon Smaug from the Hobbit series and dropped him inside of the airport.


His eyes blink. Not kidding. Told you it was an impressive deal.


Smaug teaches you 4 powerful blogging lessons. The fact that I wrote this piece during a 46 minute flight from Wellington to Auckland explains how bat shit obsessed I am with the LOTR and Hobbit movies series.


Kick back, relax and enjoy. Watch out for flames though.


1: Greed Kills


Greed killed Smaug. The greedy bastard could have lived high off of the hog with 1 billionth of the fortune he amassed when claiming rights to the dwarf’s largess. But he needed more, stuck around, pissed off dwarfs and a hobbit and wound up dead.


Greedy bloggers, you are at the perfect place now. Perfect spot, perfect time, perfect place, perfect moment. Stop fearing you do not have enough. Stop fearing you need more. Where you are now is where you need to be now. This is a fundamental for building a thriving blog; feeling at peace with where you are.


2: Going Solo Leads to Failure


Smaug went lone wolf. Even though he was a massive, heavily armored, fearsome beast that laid waste to entire regions with his fire, he was still a single dragon.


Teamwork made the dragon-free dream work, eventually. Men, dwarfs and a hobbit teamed up to kill the monster.


Many is better than 1, blogging lone wolves.


Build a tribe. Tap into the power of community. No limit exists when you build a huge, loyal friend network, by generously helping fellow bloggers without looking for anything in return.


Do you want sweet blogging success? Be a team builder. Grow a blogging buddy network. Tap into the power of leveraging and have oodles of fun on the ride.


3: See Your Blind Spots


Smaug was an arrogant SOB drunk with ego. He spent hours it seemed boasting of his powers yet in his drunken pride, he forgot that a tiny portion of his skin was exposed, not being encrusted with jewels.


Dude bought it because he focused on how wonderful he was but had no interest in seeing his weaknesses.


I hated networking years ago. Felt I did not need it. But after failing miserably I understood; teamwork makes the dream work. I had to own that blind spot though to succeed. Ditto for owning my weaknesses concerning blog design. Had to hire folks to handle what I could not handle and I needed to network to build a thriving blog.


Focus heavily on your strengths. Be honest about your blogging weaknesses. Either surrender or outsource. Move forward from an abundant, honest, genuine, humble energy.


4: Even Beasts Can Soothe Via their Voice


Music tames the savage beast. Savage beasts calm tiny sentient beings through their melodic voices. I am not kidding; Smaug’s voice is about as sugary smooth and melody as a British Barry White. Dude is smooth. Relaxed. Chill. Until he gets pissed.


Famed actor Benedict Cumberbatch does the voice over for Smaug. I have yet to see 1 sentient being despise his rendition. Most fawn all over his voice, his energy, even if said source of voice is a terrifying, murdering dragon who routinely burns people alive.


Use video, bloggers. Podcast. Allow folks to enjoy your voice. Video and podcasts add a human element to your blog, an element few can re-create with the written word.


Wrap Up


I gotta go before I get smoked…..


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