What the Most Skilled Basketball Point Guard Ever Teaches You about Blogging

  January 12, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina




Behind-the-back dribbling.


Pull ups.




No look passes.


3 point shooting.


Mid-range game.


Hesitation move.


In and out dribble.




I could go on for hours…..


Kyrie Irving is the most skilled point guard ever to play the game of basketball according to NBA champion and all star point guard Chauncy Billups, current coach of the Portland Trail Blazers. I have agreed for many years. But I am biased.


I followed Kyrie’s high school career at St. Patrick in my native New Jersey. I saw the budding basketball maestro work his wizardry at the teen level. But he far exceeded any expectations we all had of the kid….save Kyrie and his dad Drederick. Each of those two saw greatness in their minds. Kyrie proceeded to get far better by the time he arrived at Duke. He became far more skilled by the time he arrived to the Cleveland Cavs.


In terms of skills, no point guard in the history of basketball did – or does – as many things skillfully as Kyrie.




He teaches you the ultimate blogging – and life – lesson.


High Hoops Days


During Kyrie’s senior year at St. Patrick I attended one of his games at Kean University.


I brought the book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy with me to read during breaks in the action.


Drederick had been sitting directly behind me. He picked up the book and began paging through as the title snared his attention. He then began asking me if I had read the works of Lao Tzu, James Allen and a few other mindset masters. During the game we began chatting about “As a Man Thinketh” along with other classics as his son showed dominance over the court.


Kyrie has repeatedly professed that his dad had the greatest influence on his success. He noted how his dad had him write out goals to embody the proper mindset in order to succeed. But Kyrie took his mindset training to another level than most basketball players. Evidence is his being the most skilled guard to ever play the sport.


Kyrie and his dad teach you the ultimate blogging lesson: everything is mind.


Kyrie became the most skilled PG ever because he has nearly unlimited basketball confidence in his mind and developed his mind to the point where he put in the skill work like virtually no one else. Mindset confidence plus putting in tireless skill work = legend. But he only thought and felt these things solely because of his mindset. He only developed this mindset because he and his dad worked together to cultivate his mind into something powerful, strong and to access the limitless mind we all possess, but that few ever become aware of.


Everything Is in Your Mind


Everything is in your mind. How you blog is in your mind. How you work is in your mind. Whether you quit or keep going is in your mind. Whether you become the most well known blogger on earth is in your mind. Whether you become the most skilled blogger in history is in your mind. The skills work is in your mind. Practice is in your mind. If you succeed or fail the end result is an idea in your mind before you succeed or fail.


The reason why so many bloggers fail is because most do not:


  • face
  • feel
  • release


fear in the mind creating the failure. Most project blame onto:



versus digging deep into the ego and root out fears.


Kyrie tweets truths like “fear is not real.” Fear is an illusion. Only love is real. A Course in Miracles teaches this.


But no basketball point guard every took that statement this far to practice enough, then more, then more, to become the most skilled PG ever.


He practices because of his mind. He develops skills because of his mind. While other high school, college and NBA point guards came and went because they did not practice enough to hone skills to elite levels, Kyrie out-practiced and out-skilled them solely because his state of mind influenced him to keep practicing. He also possessed the mental confidence to know his skill work would make him the most skilled point guard in the world.


Blogging Success


Hard work does not bring success. If this platitude was true the millions of hard working bloggers who never succeed would succeed.


Success conscious bloggers who develop serious mental muscles succeed. Abundant-feeling bloggers succeed. Trusting bloggers succeed. Detached bloggers succeed. Patient bloggers succeed. Persistent bloggers succeed. I know this idea sounds crazy to the blogging masses. But the mind is everything. Kyrie only put in thousands upon thousands of practice hours to hone the right skills with the right energy with the ultimate confidence because of his mind.


Jordan had a similar mind. Kobe had a similar mind. Kevin Durant has a similar mind. Magic Johnson had a similar mind. Larry Bird had a similar mind.


Strengthen Your Mind


Do you want to become a professional blogger? Strengthen your mind. Dig deeper into your mind. Meditate. Do Kriya yoga. Practice A Course in Miracles. Face your fears. Strengthening your mind guides you to take the right actions generously, patiently and persistently to go pro.


If you appear to be a lazy blogger it is just fear in your mind. If blogging seems impossible it is just fear in your mind. If nothing seems to be happening it is fear in your mind. If you blogged for a decade and have not made a penny it is fear in your mind.


Nothing changes until you change your mind. Nothing changes until you face, feel and release fears creating blogging:


  • obstacles
  • resistance
  • struggles
  • failure


It is never out there. It is always in here.


Bloggers who put in 1000’s of blogging work hours:


  • generously
  • patiently
  • persistently


possess a success-conscious blogging mindset. Some seem to have this success conscious naturally but most need to put in the mental effort to become strong-minded. God knows – literally – that I had to spend 1000’s upon 1000’s of hours strengthening my mind through:


  • A Course in Miracles
  • Kriya yoga
  • yin yoga
  • meditating
  • fear-diving
  • offering generous service


to be where I am now. At that, I still get a bit clearer daily because my mind is just beginning to become genuinely strong.


Stop Working Blogging-Wise for a Bit


Before working blogging-wise simply sit in a quiet room to begin observing your mind. Kyrie progressively got his mind right FIRST then DID all the stuff over decades to become the most skilled point guard ever. All the work, practice and success was and is IN HIS MIND.


Follow Kyrie’s lead. Strengthen your mind AWAY from your laptop and phone. Spend time in quiet. Explore the techniques I shared above. Explore other mind-strengthening techniques like loving prayer, EFT or perhaps chanting mantras. Get your mind stronger and stronger and guess what? The blogging work becomes easier and easier, albeit a bit uncomfortable at times.


Becoming successful involves strengthening your mind to the point where the:


  • creating
  • connecting
  • monetizing


becomes largely seamless, organic and relaxed for 1000’s upon 1000’s of hours.




Blogging is in your mind.


Hard work is for water buffaloes.


Skill work is for strong-minded champions.


Everything is in your mind.


I mean….everything!


Your Turn


Do you need to do mindset training?


Or has blogging success flowed easily to you because you seem to be naturally strong-minded?


Do you struggle with your blogging campaign? If so, are you willing to place your ego aside to observe your mind?


How often do you leave your mind’s comfort zone?


What mindset training activity resonates with you?


Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.