Single Topic Vs Multi Topic Blog: Why Blog on 1 Topic?

September 9, 2018

Single Topic Vs Multi Topic Blog


Matthew Kaboomis Loomis covers 1 blogging topic like a boss.


He helps you build your own blog. All content on his blog helps you build your own blog.


Matthew covers 1 topic all the time. He helps you build a successful blog. No other topics. No jack of all trades stuff here. Just 1 topic, all the time.


Guys; where your attention and energy goes, grows. By giving all of your blogging attention and energy to a single topic, that niche grows for you. This is why highly successful, skilled entrepreneurs tackle 1 niche. If they decide to niche hop, you better believe said bloggers let go 1 niche to begin blogging on a new niche, blogging-wise.


Single Topic Vs Multi Topic Blog


We tend to trust experts who do 1 thing so frequently – aka all the time – that they do 1 thing damn well. Take any blogger who covers blogging tips, self help and how to pick up dog doody. Maybe pretty skilled in helping folks blog, in assisting folks on how to work on themselves through personal development, and how to pick up Doggy Arkansas Steamers.


BUT……no way in Hades this blogger knows the blogging tips niche inside-out like I do. I devoted 6-12 hours daily for years to:


  • learn blogging
  • study blogging
  • practice blogging
  • practice writing
  • create blogging tips content
  • build connections with the top blogging tips bloggers on earth


Meanwhile, the other blogger has given 1/3rd of their time to learning and practicing in the blogging tips niche. Plus they fill their day with 1/3 self help blogging stuff and 1/3 stuff on how to clean your dog’s dingleberries.


If you want blogging tips, who ya going to?


100% of the time, me. I am the expert. I gave my life to developing 1 skill. The other blogger is trying to develop 3 skills. Guess who’s gonna become more successful, who’s gonna gain trust more quickly and who’s gonna become an authority in their niche?




I break down Matthew’s rocking blog and his 1 niche expertise in the video.


Why Blog on 1 Topic?


The eBook


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