Should You Start a Blog or Not Bother with Blogging?

  November 17, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Jaw-dropping sunset in Savusavu, Fiji. We enjoyed these fiery sunsets nightly on this gem of an island.

Jaw-dropping sunset in Savusavu, Fiji. We enjoyed these fiery sunsets nightly on this gem of an island.


Are you trying to decide whether or not to start a blog?


Fun, freedom and fulfillment await bloggers who begin blogging for the right reasons. Following your blogging passion opens many prospering doors.


But headaches, struggles and eventual quitting awaits most bloggers. Why? Most begin blogging for the wrong reasons. Chasing profits or popularity always leads to failure because money and fame do not come for a long, long time after putting in 1000’s of blogging work hours.


Should you blog? Or should you not blog?


Blogging From Paradise


Jaw-dropping sunsets tickled my senses nightly.


Brilliant, fiery hues painted the sky.


Exotic sounds traveled from the jungle.


Huge, graceful fruit bats swept in to pilfer the papaya trees, bickering, bitching, moaning and elbowing each other for the sweetest papaw meats.


Kelli and I feasted on this scene for 4 months in Savusavu, Fiji.


We had one of the best views on earth. South Pacific to our left, bay front and center and mesmerizing sunsets every night.


Living a dream.


Blogging helped make it happen for us.


Should you start blogging?


If the story I weaved above excites you, fascinates you or floors you, consider blogging. Blogging can help you circle the globe.


If you love:


  • fun
  • freedom
  • expressing yourself
  • helping people
  • circling the globe or working from home
  • finding out who you really are
  • learning and practicing a skill


consider blogging.




……if you:


  • just want to make enough money to survive
  • just want to make loads of money and care less about learning blogging, practicing a skill and serving others
  • want to gain people’s acceptance or love through blogging
  • want to be famous through blogging
  • want to make easy money


do not start blogging.


Yes or No?


The question is simple; do you love having fun, freeing yourself and helping people? Blogging may be for you.


But if you want to blog mainly to get money or to escape a nightmare life, do not start blogging.


Why Most Bloggers Fail


Most bloggers fail because they have poor drivers.


Bloggers fear lacking something: money, popularity, time or freedom. Choosing to blog because fear drives you leads to failure every single time because you cannot outfox or evade your fears.


Most bloggers want to make easy money through blogging, foolishly believing that blogging is an easy, comfortable skill to develop fast, leading to quick profits.


Naturally, all of these bloggers struggle and fail quickly because they should never have started blogging. Becoming a professional blogger takes a long time because you need to work for 1000’s of hours to develop credible blogging skills.


Other bloggers fail because even if they pick a niche they feel passionate about they try to go it on their own, ignoring good advice, not investing in courses and eBooks and not buying a domain and hosting.


You should never begin to blog unless you pick a fun, freeing driver and unless you feel incredibly passionate about your niche. Otherwise you simply waste your time. You waste your reader’s time too.


Be Honest with Yourself



Being honest with myself after I started blogging revealed how I began blogging chasing money, largely. I also craved being popular. One part of me blogged for fun but I secretly believed blogging was a quick way to make money. Making money online fast would guarantee that I never had to work a miserable job again. Reality hit me upside the head; I struggled for a long time. Eventually, I owned my delusion, felt my fears and began blogging mainly to have fun helping people.


Should you start a blog or not start a blog? Honestly assess why you ponder blogging. Ask yourself if you are willing to follow your passion for years as you learn, study and practice blogging.


If you are blogging mainly to have fun, to learn and to help people, blogging could be for you.


Otherwise, do not bother.


Most people never realize that blogging is far more difficult than working a job. No one tells you what to do, setting up an easy to follow, orderly work day. No steady paycheck awaits you.


Bloggers need to master many skills in order to go pro. Blogging unearths deep fears long buried in the subconscious mind. Embrace these realities to understand that no cushy job, boss who seamlessly hands out your tasks or weekly paychecks greet new bloggers. Start a blog knowing that fun, freedom and fulfillment will be your primary rewards for a while, until the traffic and money arrives. If these truths seem a little too hard too swallow…..don’t bother starting a blog.


But if you would love seeking a life of fun and freedom by helping people with the written word, consider starting a blog.


Trust your gut for the most honest answer.

  1. Unwanted Life says:
    at 4:39 am

    If you’re thinking about blogging to make money, then you’re going to in for a shock. It’s really hard to make money from blogging, and any money you do make can take a long time before it starts to become reliable source of income. So if you’re only doing this for the money, save yourself the time and effort and look for something else

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:11 am

      This is true. The blog-o-sphere is littered with bloggers who chased profits and learned a harsh reality; passionate bloggers succeed and everyone else fails.

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