Should You Rely on Referrals Alone to Drive Blogging Business?

  September 4, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Professional bloggers often swear by referrals as the prime income driver.


Happy customers and clients do in fact helps increase your blogging profits seamlessly. Satisfied customers refer you and your blogging products to other people who trust their opinion and buy your blogging products. Profits grow. Satisfied clients refer you and your blogging services to other people who trust their opinion and hire you. Profits grow.


Everyone knows that word of mouth marketing tends to drive steady blogging income.


But should you rely on referrals alone to drive blogging business? Should you solely depend on satisfied clients and customers to grow your business for you?


As a rule, relying exclusively on happy customers and clients to increase your business through referrals is a bad idea for a number of reasons.


Relying exclusively on referrals:


  • makes you lazy
  • blinds you to alternate blogging income channels
  • allows you to duck deserving-worthiness fears blocking greater blogging profits
  • stalls business growth during referral droughts


Relying solely on other humans to grow your business outsources your business building power. Outsourcing your power to boost profits makes for a foolish decision because why would you lessen income channels versus increasing income channels? Customers can refer business to you while you grow your business through:


  • ad embeds
  • frequent calls to action
  • frequent backlink placement on your blog and through guest posts


Get comfortable with the idea of exponential business growth by maximizing income channels. Customers grow your blogging profits through referrals. Clients grow your blogging profits through referrals. You grow your blogging profits through:


  • ad embed on your blog
  • frequent calls to action on your blog
  • frequent backlink placement on your blog and through guest posts, dropping a link to one product or service through all posts
  • video marketing
  • podcasting


Versus relying only on 2 referral streams (customers and clients) you open 5 income streams through the prior bullet point list to supplement 2 referral streams. While customers and clients send business to your blog you drive blogging business through 5 channels. Generating business through 7, to 10 to 20 channels or more creates exponential business growth. Picture an arc appearing to travel up somewhat similar to a straight line versus a diagonal line trending at a 45 degree angle. Bloggers reliant on 1-2 income channels tend to experience modest business growth at best. Bloggers open to 5, 10, 20 income channels or more experience exponential business growth forever trending higher and higher.


I deeply appreciate referral business but prefer to grow my business while loyal customers grow my business. Rather than waiting for you to grow my business I grow my business now while you grow my business whenever you see fit. I go a bit mad anytime bloggers take off from blogging for a few weeks because business is slow.  Business is only slow because you are not:


  • actively growing business
  • inspiring customers and clients to grow your business through referral marketing


Taking a blogging break during periods of slow business growth is like taking a break from hosing down a fire as the aggressive flames quickly obliterate your home. Your house will burn to the ground quickly as you choose to do nothing about it. Similarly, your blogging business will completely collapse as you choose to sit on the sidelines after receiving clear, distinct warning signs that you are not working generously, intelligently, patiently and persistently enough. Slow business is the ultimate warning sign. Honor this red flag as a call to get to work, not a warning to stop.


Referral business is one rock solid blogging income channel out of limitless possibilities. Link to eBooks. Embed ads in your blog posts. Embed ads on your blog sidebar. Link to a course via your author resource box. Keep your business-building power. As clients, customers and loyal readers grow business for you, grow your business by your own steam. Maximize blogging profits through a collective effort, not by relying solely on other people to grow your business for you.


Beware the Referral Crutch


Bloggers often struggle to boost profits because referral business seems grim.


But this referral crutch simply reveals how relying on people to build business blinds you from the endless streams through which to grow business via your singular efforts.


Trust yourself to give people a reason to buy from you. Readers gladly buy directly through your blog if you trust self and promote self through blog. Most bloggers who generate steady referral business promoted themselves tirelessly for quite a bit to demonstrate their trust in self. Buy into yourself to allow others to buy into you. Stop relying on people to do what you can do for yourself. Build your business directly to allow others to build your business as you build your business.




I recorded a video delving into this concept.


Check it out here:


Should You Rely on Referrals Alone to Drive Blogging Business?


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  1. Janice Wald says:
    at 1:50 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    I agree with what you wrote. I never take time off not even during slow periods. The reason I agree with what you wrote is it does not have to be one or the other; people should grow their own businesses and if loyal customers help through referral Word of mouth, that’s even better.

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