Sheep on Hill Opotiki New Zealand

April 19, 2018

sheep opotiki new zealand


Sheep outnumber humans 6 to 1 as of early 2017 in New Zealand. Not sure of the current day census. But the number has not varied much. I assure you.


Kelli snapped this cute sheep overlooking a valley recently. We see them everywhere; driving into town, to the beach or walking through orchards and farms in the neighborhood.


Captain Cook is the source of sheep in New Zealand. He stocked the land with sheep hundreds of years ago.


Sheep, dairy cows, beef cattle, and horses dot the landscape of New Zealand. Imagine vast farmland with the odd city in between. Toss in stunning scenery, from towering mountains, breath-taking ocean views, clear blue skies and the poofy cloud days we are apt to see in such a lush land, and you have the beginnings of something magical.


We saw the sheep in the image while touring an ancient forest in Opotiki with a 2,000 year old tree. Or an ent, as I like to say.


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  1. I didn’t make it there yet Rhonda but noted for future travels.

  2. Rhonda Albom Says:

    Sheep and cows are everywhere. In some areas, they are denser than others. I just drove from Stonehenge Aotearoa and the Tui brewery through the Wairarapa towards Napier (did you get to see the place with the longest name in the world?). I think all those areas in New Zealand that are lacking in sheep or cattle will find their quota on this route.

  3. Haha Andrew. I found myself doing the same thing. Avoiding the food after seeing the living thing. But I do have a merino scarf, compliments of a Kiwi woman we house sat for in Qatar last year.

  4. Andrew Foss Says:

    I remember when I toured Britain back in 1984. We would joke about the number of sheep. They were everywhere – or at least compared to my experience in California. Maybe that is why we never picked up on sheep and lamb as a regular dish for dinner. I will take a nice wool sweater though!