What 1 Step Triggers Blogging Doubts to Clear?

  November 29, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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Bloggers sometimes speak of being confident.


But the general public often paints a different blogging picture for allegedly bold bloggers.


I felt highly confident years ago. Blogging seemed fairly easy. Blogging did not scare me because the ego conned me into believing I blogged from immense confidence. But receiving my first 1 star eBook review triggered deep fears revealing crippling blogging doubts buried deep in my mind.


My ego sauntered around arrogantly. The general public shot me down for me to own, feel and release doubts needing clearing. Clearing doubts made me confident. I had to exude confidence to scale. How can you scale if you fear critics? How can you share your blog freely being crippled by sinister doubts submerged deep in the your subconscious mind?


Share your blog publicly to clear sneaky blogging doubts dancing around in your mind. Critics trigger fears long hidden and buried. Perhaps your ego believes in your limitless blogging confidence. After a reviewer on Amazon drops a biting 1 star review skewering one of your eBooks the confidence turns out to be arrogance denying a shattered blogging psyche.


Going public with your blog allows humanity to migrate out of the cyber woodwork to praise or pick apart your blog. Most people praise. Fans gladly support your blog. Success rests in the minds of these fans. But a few straggling critics stray toward your blogging campaign. How you feel on being criticized reveals either calm or fear in the mind. Critics seem highly skilled at uncovering tender inner weaknesses manifest as blogging doubts.


Bloggers often puff themselves up like a cock-of-the-rock, primping and preening, boasting on a bed of false confidence. One mocking negative comment later strategically places a pin into the balloon of shaky blogging confidence, releasing the air and mock confidence in one fell swoop. Doubting follows. Bloggers often question themselves, their skills and their blog after critical reviewers probe their blogging campaigns.


Appreciate critics. Negative reviewers reveal fears one needs to feel and release to exponentially accelerate blogging growth. No successful blogger sprints ahead to create and connect being saddled by doubt. No one succeeds wearing a weight vest consisting of blogging doubts because you grow only by letting go the weight of fear.


Face your deepest blogging doubts. Go live. Share your blog by writing and publishing blog posts. Publish posts to see where you are at in your mind. Perhaps you claim to be beset by perfectionism but this ego-blind-spot is the deep fears of failure and criticism combined. Bloggers are not perfectionists; bloggers fear not being good enough. Surrendering to that fear leads to blogging failure. Surrendering to that fear keeps you on the blogging sidelines. Bloggers fearing failure and criticism write and edit 10 drafts spanning days versus doing two drafts before publishing the post. Sitting on the cyber sidelines guarantees failure. Easing into fears by publishing posts and sharing posts across multiple networks clears doubts to accelerate your blogging success.


Success greets bloggers who routinely exit their comfort zones. Success sits beyond fears appearing to imprison you inside of your comfort zone. Nudge into doubt. Publish blog posts. Share posts across an array of online channels. Eventually, ample doubts arise to be cleared. Success slowly and steadily follows.




I recorded a video to stress this point:


Share Your Blog Publicly to Clear Doubts

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