Seize This Idea if You Fear Trashing an Old Blog to Begin a New Blog

  March 21, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Are you scared to begin a new blog?


Are you terrified to let go of your old blog?


I have been in your shoes. 2014. Fiji. I faced a crossroads. I could continue in one niche with my old blog. I could move in a new direction with a new niche and new blog. Fear tried to call the shots. I slapped that big old bastard out of my mind, listened to my intuition-heart, chose New and Blogging From Paradise was born.


I seized one idea. I seared this idea on my mind. Here it is:


Focus on the years of experienced you GAINED and the intuitive nudge you GAINED versus focusing on the loss of traffic, profits and Google love.


Focus on the years of experienced you GAINED and the intuitive nudge you GAINED versus focusing on the loss of traffic, profits and Google love.Click To Tweet


Most humans saddle themselves with fear. Fear is of the mind; it is illusion, not there. Right now, if I told you to watch out for the lava flow about to roast you, you’d look at me like I am nuts because no lava flow is licking at your rear end now. Lava is not there. Your mind knows this. Fearing that you can actually *lose* traffic or profits is just as absurd because fear-loss-scarcity is not there. Illusion. FEAR IS NOT REAL. Only Love is real. Your mind fights for fear-loss-scarcity-stats-proof. and all that other bullshit. Your heart be like, “Mind, you trippin’!”


My wife Kelli blogs about this stuff all the time at Life Made to Order.


Your heart nudged you to begin the new blog. Your heart is perfect. Your intuition told you to begin the new blog. The intuition is perfect. Heart and intuition can not fail. Heart and intuition are unlimited, all-knowing and wise. Most humans beings – bloggers included – make the grave error of listening to fear-mind over love-heart, choosing to focus on illusions of loss, appearance of scarcity and all that bullshit. You, thank goodness, know better, being a loyal Blogging From Paradise reader.


How it Works


You trash the old blog. You begin the new blog, on a new domain, with a new name.


You *appear* to lose blog traffic and profits and Google juice. Your mind-fear says, “See, I told you so.” 


At that point, just say, “Fuck you, Mr. Mind with your fears and illusions,” then observe how quickly your new blog takes off because:


  • you began the new blog on an intuitive-perfect nudge
  • your blogger buddy network patiently built over years promotes your new blog, helping you see rapid growth with your first blog post going forward
  • you dive into your new blog being armed with years of blogging experience, avoiding newbie blogger mistakes, doing the right things with the right energy from day 1
  • you let go the anchor of the past, the anchor of your old blog, and the illusion of loss, starting your new blog from an energy of clarity
  • after your prior blog, you will be even clearer on what works, traffic-wise and profits-wise
  • you will rank on Google far more quickly than on your old blog because you start your new blog from a more intelligent, wise, generous and detached space


A newbie or somewhat green blogger likely hatched and began your old blog. A wise, seasoned veteran begins your new blog. How the heck can a wise, seasoned blogging veteran lose anything, other than the appearance of loss?


I gained SO much more quickly on Blogging From Paradise. Took me years to see worldly success with my old blog. BFP helped me see worldly success in months. I started the blog right from Day 1. My audience was in place. My community promoted the piss out of my blog. My blogging buddy network put on a promotional blitz for me.


For any Google juice or domain age that I appeared to lose, I gained 10-fold stupid fast with Blogging From Paradise. I could barely land a stinking interview on my old blog. Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur and Virgin featured me after I went live with Blogging From Paradise.


Everything takes off incredibly quickly with your blog when you get out of your mind and its illusion fear-loss and into your heart and its Reality-Truth-Gain.

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