1 Way to Conquer Beginner Blogger Obstacles

  December 18, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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Being a beginner blogger feels promising but scary.


All manner of obstacles pop up on your new blogger journey.


New blogger obstacles feel insurmountable in some regards. How can you get connected? How will people find your blog? What can you do to be discovered?


Following one simple tip helps you conquer any new blogger obstacle.


Visualize your dreams.


Seeing your dreams in vivid detail injects your being with love and dissolves fears that create blogging obstacles. Every blogging obstacle is fear in your mind. Dissolve fears in your mind to dissolve obstacles into opportunities for growth. Facilitate this process by setting aside time to  picture your dreams in detail. Add as many details to your mental picture as possible. Allow the image to feel real. Become emotionally involved with the picture, in a loving, calming way.


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Visualizing dissolves fears creating obstacles. Becoming emotionally involved with your vision stirs love up in your being. Love dissolves fear. The split second you shift from fear to love you see and seize opportunities to conquer blogging obstacles. Conquering blogging obstacles involves seeing and seizing opportunities amid obstacles. For example, if you fear not having connections as a new blogger, deciding to visualize your dreams dissolves the fears holding you back from engaging in genuine blogger outreach. Engaging in genuine blogger outreach helps you to get connected. Being connected as a new blogger makes your blogging life easier and easier.


Give yourself time to see your dreams or else you will be bullied by circumstances.


Give yourself time to see your dreams or else you will be bullied by circumstances.Click To Tweet


Most human beings live a “same shit, different day” life because most human beings deliberately choose to picture the same circumstances daily. Picturing the same circumstances guarantees that you experience the same circumstances. Why? Life is mind. Your human experience mirrors your mind back to you.


Have you ever noticed how iconic entrepreneurs are referred to as “visionaries”? A visionary is a fancier word for dreamer. Icons like Bezos, Musk and Branson visualize/dream their life in detail far more clearly and frequently than the rest of humanity. When Amazon experienced $2.1 billion of long term debt, Bezos and his vision of Amazon’s greatness carried him and the company through this obstacle. If he focused on the debt and fears associated with being 2 billion dollars in the hole, he would quit. Instead, he dreamed the spectacular, freeing vision of Amazon yielding service and value for humanity to carry him through this obstacle. In 2021, Amazon had a market cap of $1.65 trillion.  Having a vision impelled him to work generously, intelligently and to build a team around him to allow Amazon to manifest.




I recorded a video to stress this point.


Visualize Your Dreams as a New Blogger


Video Transcript


If you don’t visualize your dreams, you focus on just trying to make enough to pay your bills or to get by. This ensures that you’ll do silly stuff from an energy of fear, like spamming or scamming or looking for shortcuts. See your dreams regularly. Step into your mental picture to make your dreams come alive. When you do this regularly guys, you emotionally and energetically feel like the person that lives their dreams now, before you live your dreams in the future. It’s pretty cool to embody this concept. Plus this means you’ll blog patiently, generously and intelligently and you’ll also learn blogging from the top pros.

  1. Chris Desatoff says:
    at 2:42 pm

    Good advice, Ryan. I can’t even count the number of times that visualization has helped me move forward when my fears and insecurities were bogging me down.

    Sometimes it would be more long-term, goal-oriented – like visualizing where I want to be in my life in the next 5 years or something like that.

    Other times, when I was feeling stuck and not getting any work done, simply visualizing myself writing my next article for a client or my next blog post would be enough to move me into action (it doesn’t ALWAYS happen lol, but it’s worked HUNDREDS of times over the years).

    Like you always say, focus on your WHY. Think about the freedom you want to have (“free you…free me”) and picture what that life will look like — and then get busy =)

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:55 am

      Chris visualizing most definitely works bro. Thanks for sharing your experience with us my friend.

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