Do You Use the Secret Blogging Weapon of Patience?

  February 22, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru


Every successful blogger I know shows great patience.


Being patient is the secret blogging weapon. How do I know? Most bloggers show immense impatience. Masses of bloggers have no idea being patient marks one stark difference between successful and failing bloggers. Look around. Observe bloggers hellbent on getting rich quickly. Most want hacks, shortcuts and flat out the quickest ways to become professional bloggers. Each urge signals fear in mind manifest as impatience.


Meanwhile, aspiring pro bloggers slowly, calmly and patiently exhibit the secret blogging weapon to position themselves to go pro.


I struggled blogging-wise by being impatient. I succeeded blogging-wise by being patient. Everything fell apart during my impatient days. Everything came together during my patient days. Shifting from being impatient to patient involved diving deep into my fears fueling impatient urges. Nobody loves feeling fear. I certainly don’t. But I had to feel this discomfort to become patient.


Why does patience seem to be a great blogging secret? Pros may drill ideas of patience into amateur blogger minds but few accept the idea of being patient. Most bloggers nod in one breath but impatiently rush forward to become pro bloggers in as little time as possible. Unfortunately, these bloggers rarely seem to embrace the blogging secret.


Being patient means simply allowing your work – between creations and connections – to grow organically. Picture each blog post and guest post you publish being a seed you plant for a tree. Watering the seed and ensuring the seed gets enough sunlight does not speed up the growth process; being patient allows the seed to grow organically, in its own time.


Being a patient blogger means allowing a blog post or guest post to grow organically, not forcing or rushing the process. Perhaps you tweet an old blog post. Maybe you link to the old blog post via a new blog post you just published. Forget the SEO benefits of linking to old posts; patiently and steadily, blog traffic flows to old blog posts, boosting your overall blog traffic and maximizing business business.


But of course, most bloggers lack the patience to both inter link posts and to update old blog posts. Being impatient forces you to leave so much traffic on the table that you’d be sick if you realized how much your lack of patience cost you. The pro bloggers of the world know better. Pros know that being patient is a highly developed skill separating pros from all other bloggers.


I recall John Chow noting how he set up affiliate links for various products. He mentioned one product yielding $6 per sale. Old, impatient me assumed it seemed foolish to set up affiliate links for a product yielding 6 bucks but patient, pro blogger John Chow understand how 6 dollar sales made patiently and repeatedly over hundreds of blog posts spanning years accumulates into thousands of dollars.


He thinks ahead, patiently, because he has a vision. Do you wonder why he has made millions of dollars through blogging? Being patient played a big role in his blogging success.


Patience, Young Grasshopper. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Spend ample time patiently laying the foundation for a successful blogging campaign. Set time frames for years, not days or weeks. Good things require time and generous service. Being a visionary gives you annual timelines. Thinking in terms of years instantly makes you a patient blogger focused on a long haul approach to blogging.


I rarely think day to day now in terms of blogging or life. I find myself in the moment, focusing on the now, which keeps me increasingly patient. I do not try to squeeze as much out of today in a flurry of fear and impatience. I simply create, connect and allow my work to do what it does from a patient, calm energy.


If I do feel impatient in moments I face, feel and release fear fueling the emotion to move on to the next moment patiently.


Slow down. Calm down. Be patient.




  1. Ayush Mishra says:
    at 8:43 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Exactly blogging need patience. Consistency and Patience is the key to unlock the door of success in blogging. Almost more than 90% of people quit their blogging journey within the first year of starting. Because they get into the blogging to make some quick money they think ‘blogging is a get quick rich scheme’ but it’s not. Nowadays blogging is a business and it need patience and consistent work to setup it in a profitable business. Keep publishing such a really helpful post. Now I’m going to share this post so that everyone can benefits from it.

    Ayush Mishra

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:27 pm

      Ayush I appreciate that. People need to listen to your insights. We need more wise bloggers like yourself spreading the truth. Being patient is the only way to blog. No one succeeds overnight. Everyone needs to put in the time and energy for a bit to lay a rock solid foundation for their blogging campaign. Blogging is a long term gig. No one gets rich quickly. But bloggers wrongly believe in getting rich quickly since it seems easy to begin blogging fast. Buying your domain and hosting is quite easy. But actually working to lay a rock solid foundation is quite uncomfortable. Not at all easy, this gig is, over the long haul.

  2. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 12:56 am

    I really like that seed analogy. You can think of your articles as different types of plants, they all have different seeds and grow at different pace. No amount of urge would make them grow any faster.

    I admit. I also get impatient sometimes. I often write articles in advance, because I hate to break my publishing cycle. But sometimes, the urge to publish strikes, and I end up making my source of future blog posts dry. This results in a lot of panic, since I run out of things to publish.

    Thankfully, I seem to have gotten this under control for now. But I am well aware that this urge could appear in the future again.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:12 am

      Being aware of impatient urges is important Tanish. I see it as being a good thing that you even have this awareness. I spent many years of my blogging campaign being completely unaware of fears in my mind fueling my impatience. Right now, I am going as deep into my mind as I ever had during my life. The process is liberating but sobering and depressing too. The main reason is because I realize how much fear has called the shots with my blogging campaign. I have experienced some success and also had a lot of fun. But certain parts of my blog have been underperforming because I allowed fear and wild impatience to rule my decision making. Being aware of this has helped me face and release these fears even though feeling the impatient panic seems maddening sometimes. Frankly, I hate feeling these feelings lol. But on the other side of these emotions I do become more patient, grateful and relaxed in following the fundamentals.

      Blogging really is simple but the ego and its madness try to make it difficult, complex or some endless nightmare. As I go deeper into my mind I spot these impatient feelings and go the patient, persistent and generous way. Everything just happens step by step.

      I like your publishing strategy. I am trying to find the right frequency here. The one issue is I have so much content to share but have to overcome the fear of publishing too much helpful content which is in itself insanity. I think of sites like Facebook and Twitter and Amazon and this endless flow of user generated content and of course the content set up by site owners. There could be no too much. But I need to be patient in just rolling it out and allowing people to enjoy it. Finding that sweet spot is a bit maddening but I think I am getting there.

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