Enjoy Stunning Savusavu Bay Fiji

  February 6, 2016 travel posts 🕑 3 minutes read
Savusavu Bay

Savusavu Bay Fiji


Savusavu Bay is the Hidden Paradise of Fiji. Even the locals label this tiny town as the pearl of Fiji. Getting even a tiny glimpse at Fiji via a swift image search through Google reveals how special Savusavu must be. Fiji is a movie. If locals deem one spot a pearl in this paradise you know it needs to be the real deal.


Imagine the sweeping expanse of the Pacific Ocean meeting the calm, placid waters of a peaceful, relaxing body of water. Visibility levels grow to epic proportions during high season months.


Now imagine rolling, lush hillside blending into dramatic mountain views.


This my friends is Fiji.


Savusavu Bay


When Kelli and I hopped over to Savusavu – meaning we flew 12 hours EAST of Bangkok Thailand to travel to *Parts Unknown* to get there – we were mesmerized by the unparalleled beauty of this pearl of Fiji.


No wonder the locals were so cheery.


If I lived lived my life in such a tropical themed movie worthy location I too would be grinning from ear to ear on a 24 hour basis. Heck; as I update this blog post, I have a good 10 years of living in the tropics, on and off, all around the globe. I have become more calm by spending months in places like Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand.


In truth, locals in Savusavu are about the most laid back folks I’ve met because these cats are insulated from the collective insanity of large groups of people. Kelli and I were chatting about it one day. Living 4 hours east of Australia, with hundreds to thousands of miles of open ocean being your “neighbor” in any direction, makes you immune to the sometimes poisonous influences of humanity. I love humans. But being away from it all definitely grounds you to inspire peace, serenity and a sense of calm from within your being. Fijians obviously spend much time going within – on some level – because not much seems to be going on in the without.


Savusavu Fiji also would be:


  • a fab place to hide Godzilla
  • a wonderful spot for concealing King Kong
  • the South Pacific’s answer to “Monster Island”
  • one of the closer looking places to Avatar which exists on God’s Green Earth


The Poisonous Influences of Humanity Bit


Backtrack time. Because you know I’m more about the love and harmony and having fun. A mini Blogging Buddha, if you will, with a dash of Dali Lama tossed in. BUT…I grew up in Northern New Jersey. So I also know how being in an urban, let alone suburban, environment can wreak absolute havoc on even the most strong-minded folks.


In large masses, being around folks tends to lead to the mass panic, negativity, insanity and rudeness seeming to pervade urban environments.


Good Old Savusavu is not subject to that influence. Hell, the place is more likely to be influenced by the ever growing colony of feral mongooses than by waves of humanity. For it is one of the more remote inhabited areas on earth. Nature reigns in this sleepy little town nestled between Savusavu Bay and the majestic South Pacific. Few people plus ample nature means a serene, gorgeous, pristine paradise.


Blogging from Paradise and Fiji


Kelli and I landed a 4 month house sit in Savusavu in 2014.


I regularly walked along the absolutely breath taking imagery of Savusavu Bay on a daily basis. We trekked into town to grab groceries or I was spotted lifting boulders on the black sand beach to keep up with the Joneses. The Joneses being massive, tree-trunk thighed, beastly Fijian rugby players in town.


Note; Fiji has the most professional rugby players per capita of any country on earth.


That’s it for today guys.

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