Do You Ask the Right Blogging Questions Frequently?

  May 4, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Souq Doha Qatar

Souq Doha Qatar


How can do index your blog?


How do you get more comments?


Which ad network should you place on your blog?


Have you asked yourself: Do I ask the right blogging questions?


Do you need to get your blog indexed to make money and drive traffic? No. Do you need blog comments to make money and drive traffic? No. Do you need one specific ad network on your blog to make money? No.


Asking questions about unimportant situations wastes your time.


Ask this blogging question to spend time effectively: How do I succeed?


Succeed by creating and connecting generously for a long time. Gain credibility. Create products and render services. Make money through those products and services courtesy of the credibility you gained via creating and connecting. Indexing, comments and ad networks do not necessarily play a role in this process because:


  • Google is 1 of billions of traffic sources
  • comments are people’s opinions of your work; their opinion publicly stated does not determine your success or failure because success or failure is in your mind
  • ad networks do not make you money; your mindset makes you money


Bloggers often waste hours asking the wrong blogging questions because the ego looks for answers where answers do not exist. The ego wants to succeed by searching for answers that have nothing to do with success. Take a look at the indexing question above. Someone may explain how to properly index your blog. But if you properly get your blog indexed and Google picks up your blog does this drive high quality, buying traffic to your blog and will people buy your stuff or hire you through Google? No and no.  Creating and connecting generously ensures that you:


  • drive highly targeted blog traffic
  • increase readership, customers and clients
  • grow your business


because creating and connecting gives you credibility enough to make money and grow business.


If Google indexes your blog and someone sees your blog via Google they will never click on your link if you:


  • write poorly
  • publish low quality titles
  • publish low quality blog post descriptions


How do you write well, publish quality titles and craft quality blog post descriptions? Create and connect generously for a long time.


Bloggers with 1000’s of blog comments have yet to make a penny. Why? Comments do not net profits. Creating and connecting nets you profits. Bloggers who use different ad networks barely make a penny. Why? A specific ad network does not net profits. Creating and connecting nets you profits.


Ask one question: How do I succeed?


Accept this answer: create and connect.


Stick to the Basics and Add Some Details


Create and connect to stick to the basics.


Add some details like:


  • learning how to create blog posts
  • learning how to write and sell blogging manuals
  • learning how to comment effectively


Paying attention to some details allows you to succeed but never get lost in details or you will skip the basics that lead to blogging success.


Create and connect. That is it. Stick to these fundamentals. Add some details. But do not ask incessant questions about details. Ask how to create and connect. Pro bloggers will supply you with the proper details for creating and connecting successfully. Stop asking about indexing, getting blog comments and which ad network to choose. Ask how to create content and build connections. Create content and build connections.


Creating and connecting leads to professional blogging careers.


Asking non-essential questions wastes your time.


Stop asking about what doesn’t matter.


Ask about what matters.


Create and connect to succeed.


If you create and connect generously you will thrive through virtually any income channel because being credible makes your ads clickable, services trusted and products in-demand.

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