Tricked Out Rickshaw Penang Malaysia


Rickshaw Penang Malaysia

Rickshaw Penang Malaysia


The low rider crew in LA has nothing on these rickshaw drivers in Penang, Malaysia.


Ditto for anybody who has pimped out their ride, from low rider bicycles, cars, tuk tuk’s or hell, anything.


Tricked out rickshaws can be spied in Penang while cruising around in the impossible heat and humidity of this island in Northern Malaysia.


Picture walking into a sauna. Imagine sitting in a sauna for 45 minutes. Visualize drinking a cup of scalding hot cocoa, downing a bowl of piping hot oatmeal, and imagine goading satan himself to breathe fire on your pretty little face, all while seated on a bed of lava rocks, while wearing a Hefty bag.


This gives you an idea of how hot and humid the jungle island of Penang can get.


The Pimped Out Ride


Knowing the heat and humidity situation, the rickshaw riders need not advertise with the flair of a Liberace/chameleon hybrid.


But the guys pimp their rides out, anyway.


Peep exhibit A, above. Kelli snapped the image during our month long stay in Penang.


We often schlepped over to the funky, wonderfully weird, culturally rich George Town section of the island. Where we spotted this delightful form of transport.


The Deets


Eye the flowers. Incredibly intricate, with immense attention paid to detail. I was floored by this floral arrangement.


A florist would beam with jealousy at the rickshaw rider’s fabulous set up.


Anyway, seeing the gorgeous flowers adorning the bike instantly puts you at ease. Because hey; who hates flowers? Or more aptly put, everybody pretty much loves flowers and feels better in the presence of flowers.


But the flowers are just the beginning of the delicious design.


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I came across it while checking out his blog recently.




Having an umbrella for sun protection is a must in this sunny as can be spot.


Sunny until the monsoon rains arrive. Then the umbrella serves its more traditional function of kinda keeping you dry. Kinda because the rains flow in sideways sometimes during Biblical downpours with high winds.


Anyway, this rider is smart, providing a max level of comfort for tourists and locals alike. Although this is a tourist activity, pretty much.




Are the fans functional?


Not quite sure.


But if you glance at the 3 fans on the front of the bike you see more ingenuity.


Stable 3 Wheeler


Note the stable 3 wheel set up for the bike.


Gotta have it in the high traffic areas around George Town, if you are on a rickshaw tour.


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