Do You Have Unrealistic Blogging Expectations?

  February 28, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Gold Coast, Connecticut, USA


(Published 11-21-21 Updated 2-28-2022)


15 years ago when I was a new blogger I clung to unrealistic blogging expectations.


My journey seems similar for most beginner bloggers. Starting a blog feels easy. Succeeding seems like it’ll be just as easy. Bloggers just write and publish content to go pro, right? Perhaps publishing a high volume of 600 word posts and doing nothing else will net you a fortune, eh?




I expected fast, easy blogging success based on bat shit crazy delusions in ego. If I worked really hard during newbie blogging days I could cash in and ride off into the blogging sunset like some Blogging White Night….or so I thought.


Reality quickly slapped me upside of the head. Blogging is different than most bloggers expect. Why? Bloggers generally expect blogging to be:


  • publishing blog posts
  • collecting money


when in reality, blogging is a nuanced skill consisting of multiple skill sets best executed by:


  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent
  • realistic




All humans cling to a different version of reality. Jeff Bezos believed amassing a $200 billion fortune to be realistic. He experienced this realism. Others believe making $5 for writing a 1000 word blog post for a client to be realistic. This crowd also experiences their realism.


Others expect to make millions upon millions of dollars through blogging with a few month’s worth of effort. Technically, this can happen because anything is possible. But it simply does not happen because the person to be to net millions of months through blogging is energetically light years away from who you are, now.


Being the blogger who earns millions demands you to think, feel and act like a blogging millionaire for quite a long time before millions arrive. Almost all bloggers give up and quit thinking, feeling and acting like a blogging millionaire when they make dollars, $10 or $300. Few see the journey through to actually manifesting millions through blogging for their deluded expectations manifest as extreme discomfort.


Let me give you a graphic example……


50,000 Links


According to SEM Rush, 50,500 backlinks pointed to Blogging From Paradise at one time, although the number fluctuates wildly month to month. Gaining a high volume of backlinks seems to be a critical component of accelerating your blogging success. Imagine today being your first day of blogging. Picture yourself expecting to generate 50,500 backlinks pointing to your blog in 3 months.


Technically, this is possible because anything is possible. But on sitting down to write and publish your first blog post, writer’s block assails you. Ditto for tomorrow. Ditto for the following day. 4 days pass; no posts and certainly no backlinks. But during those 4 days, 100-200 fresh, new backlinks pointed to Blogging From Paradise. Minimum, 400 links point to BFP during 4 days while 0 links point to your newbie blog because you have not published a blog post, yet.


The only reason 400 links point to BFP over 4 days is because I spent 15,000 hours creating and connecting to become a skilled creator and connector. But you spent 0 hours creating and connecting during your 4 day long blogging career. Do you still expect to generate 50,500 backlinks after your first 3 blogging months?  Do you understand why 50K backlinks pointing to your blog is an unrealistic expectation?


What would be a realistic backlinks expectation for a 3 month blogger? I have no clue. But I suspect 1-10 backlinks sounds like a realistic plan. 50,500 backlinks is an unrealistic expectation because it takes 1000’s of blogging hours of:


  • practice
  • creating
  • connecting


to become:


  • skilled
  • experienced
  • creative
  • connected
  • trusted
  • credible


enough to draw 100 plus backlinks to your blog on a daily basis, to the tune of 50,500 backlinks over years.


Release blogging expectations all together if you genuinely desire blogging growth. Success greets servants who focus on the process versus sweating outcomes. I know the 50,500 links number because I focus on the process of promoting BFP backlinks on a daily basis. Giving little thought to the outcome-number allows me to concentrate on the process of helping people by creating and connecting. Creating and connecting sets a granite-like foundation for a successful blogging campaign. Focus on the process to be less concerned with expectations.


Gaining 1 Link Is Tough for Newbies


Newbie bloggers need to create and connect for a bit to be credible enough to gain 1 backlink.


Start with 1. Focus heavily on the blogging process of creating and connecting. Give little thought to blogging outcomes. Be generous. Be patient. Be persistent. Getting your first backlink may be tough. But getting 20, then 30 then 100 backlinks becomes easier because you develop the skills to attract those links organically, courtesy of your generous patience and persistence.


Release Delusion


Release unrealistic blogging expectations to let go struggles, failure and urges to quit blogging. Bloggers only desire quitting for falling short of expectations or for losing blogging passion. In more cases than not, falling short of deluded blogging expectations forms the root cause of quitting.


Focus on the blogging process to engineer a seamless, more pleasant blogging journey.


Let go desperate, greedy, unclear bloggers as mentors, or, within your blogging circles. Release influences goading you to maintain delusional blogging expectations. Pros really work at blogging for years. Top bloggers create and connect for a long time to become skilled, clear and confident enough to succeed.


Buying your domain and hosting seems easy enough. Growing that domain into something special is not at all easy. Even though the blogging journey seems simple it is highly uncomfortable in moments. Uncomfortable moments trigger fears fueling unrealistic expectations. Greedy or desperate bloggers want something for nothing. Greed and desperation feast on fear. Release the fear. Let go the greed. Send desperation running to the blogging hills.


Trade delusion for realism.


Being realistic dissolves pressure. Being truthful with yourself feels peaceful. Gone are delusions fueled by madness.


Amateurs blog for a long time to make blogging look easy.




I recorded a video a while back diving into this concept.


Check it out here:


Release Unrealistic Blogging Expectations


Your Turn


Do you need to let go unrealistic blogging expectations?


How can you be realistic as a blogger?


What tips can you share for releasing unrealistic blogging expectations?

  1. Janice Wald says:
    at 1:29 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    Reading your post inspired me to want to go create back links! 🙂 Thanks for the needed inspiration!

  2. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 12:02 am

    I love the concept of focusing on the activity or the process rather than just the outcome. It makes it much more enjoyable, and the road to success becomes much smoother.

  3. Nishant Nanda says:
    at 1:04 am

    Hey Ryan,

    Great article bro and I am not ashamed to admit that I wanted to be a rising millionaire with blogging in no time.

    But thank god reality slapped me so hard that I went on helping people through my blog.

    Keep up the good work buddy


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