Colony of Large Red Ants Working Banana Tree Chiang Mai Thailand


Every once in a while I note the endless toiling of the world’s dominant species; insects.


Ants in particular dominate the world’s dominant species. These chaps rule the roost in places like Costa Rica, Thailand, heck….everywhere.


I spied a few large red any colonies – not sure if fire ants or not – on the property here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


The ants are industrious of course. Goes without saying.


But I saw a fascinating thing; said ants used ant bodies – living bodies – to bridge gaps between the banana tree and another tree.




I’ve seen similar behavior from the army ant colony we encountered in the jungles y Bribri, Costa Rica.


All for one, one for all.


Now climb over me as you travel from tree to tree.


Do the bridge ants have medical insurance?


I hope so.


Nothing worse than being crushed by your ant-y and having nothing to show for it.


Watch the short video guys.


Colony of Large Red Ants Working Banana Tree in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Your Turn


What’s your take on ants in the tropics?


I know you see these guys left and right.


A bit skeeved by the hoards of ants?


Or do you see ’em as Nature’s clean up crew, as I do?


Even if ants clean up my spillage I do not intentionally kill the suckers.


Their home before mine, right?