Why Should You Put People Over Blogging Profits?

  August 10, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read



Helping human beings forms the foundation for all blogging success.


Taking care of people allows profits to flow through people to you based on your mindset.


Putting people first allows the profits to flow to you. Putting profits first repels people from you.


Putting people first allows the profits to flow to you. Putting profits first repels people from you.Click To Tweet


Putting profits over people alienates people. Observe any get rich quick blog. How do you feel after scanning a few hyped up headlines bolstered with absurd promises? Humans feel uncomfortable around fellow humans intent on using people to get money. Promising the secret to get rich quickly is fear manifest to manipulate readers into giving you money quickly. Sane people know blogging success grows organically over years, not overnight.


Put people over profits. Help people. Earn credibility. Allow money to flow in according to its choice, time frame and frequency. Money decides to arrive whenever it decides to show up. Allow money to take care of itself while you busy yourself with taking care of people. Take care of people to earn blogging profits. Put people first to build a rock-solid foundation for your blogging campaign.


Observe pro bloggers carefully. Happy, thriving professionals generously serve readers to become highly successful. Readers come first. Profits arrive based on serving readers generously, patiently and persistently to build:


  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility


Skilled, credible bloggers seen in many spots earn money through blogging. But the skills, exposure and credibility manifest through other human beings and their perception of you.


El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


Pizza and Pasta in Panama?


During a 5 month trip to Panama I seemed a bit confused about the proliferation of Italian restaurants all around the country. Even rural areas boasted an Italian restaurant within a respectable distance. Most I visited were owned by Italians who had moved to Panama. Why? Panama worked out a visa program with Italy, making Panama an easy to visit location for Italian expats desiring warm, tropical weather.


Anyway, one Italian restaurant we visited a handful of times in El Valle de Anton offered sensational food, a peaceful setting, friendly staff and a certain ambiance appealing to regular customers. The successful Italian restaurant owner put people first. Naturally, he reaped steady profits because he focused on offering customers an authentic Italian experience, but in the crater of an extinct volcano in a cloud forest. Based on eating there 5 times, I never got the feeling he ran a restaurant mainly to make money. Paying great attention to detail to create a genuine, pleasing customer experienced brought the profits he enjoyed.


Follow his lead. Think about your readers first and foremost. Solve their problems. Listen to their needs. Monetize through channels beneficial to readers. Develop a deeper sense of compassion. Be empathetic. Open your ears and eyes. Pay close attention to people who publish comments on your blog. Get into the mind of your readers.


Solving reader problems sets the table for a prospering blogging campaign. Gain reader trust by helping your community.  Trust seems gained over an extended period of time. No blogger holds the secret to earning trust overnight. Good things require time, service and patience.


Money comes if you serve your readers. Gaining their trust influences readers to:


  • buy your eBooks
  • buy your courses
  • hire you
  • click your ads
  • endorse you
  • promote you


Trust is the real profit-boosting factor. Earn trust by putting readers first.


Success takes care of itself if you take care of your readers.




I filmed a 0:47 second video reminder to put people over profits.


Put People Over Profits

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