Pull Back to Create More

  August 6, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read



Taking a break ensures that you do not break. Plus you become more creative by enjoying more rest periods. Forget about becoming a more connected blogger; refreshed bloggers engage in intelligent blogger outreach.


Plus you sleep more. Plus you create the mindset of a successful blogger.


Breaking from blogging ensures you avoid breaking from blogging. Re-read. Resting often guarantees that you avoid burnout. But resting often also makes you more prolific. Have you noted the blog post frequency uptick here recently? I updated a few of the 1000’s of old video-link-only posts because my blogging rest cycles increased. Taking more time off from blogging increased my creativity.


Pull back to create more content. Rest to create more helpful content. Taking blogging breaks:


  • improves your focus
  • increases your creativity
  • expands your prolific nature
  • opens new prospering channels


For example, resting from blogging recently exposed the 1000’s of video-link-only posts inherent on my blog. Sometimes I embedded videos only. Other times I dropped a picture and link. But prior to the past few days I wrote off most link only posts. Why update link posts if I could never write 1000’s of 600 word posts to beef up each piece of content in this lifetime? However, sitting with the quest revealed I could write 2-3, 600 word posts daily to make these posts work for me. Google loves content posts too. Google digs words. Readers dig words.  Updating even two 600 word posts daily consumes a few of my minutes but means churning out at least 700 posts each year. We eat elephants one chunk at a time, not in full.


Resting revealed fear-based mental blocks preventing me from beefing up these old posts. I subsequently began writing and updating 2 or more blog posts daily to:


  • help you
  • appease Google
  • develop greater brand awareness
  • increase blog exposure
  • feel better about my blog


Rest to evolve from poverty conscious to prosperity conscious. Humans mired in survival mode work like beasts of the field just to survive. Humans firmly ensconced in thriving mode work:


  • generously
  • intelligently
  • patiently
  • persistently


to free themselves, live abundantly and to enjoy life from a peaceful energy.


Work smarter by breaking early and often. Stop working harder by busting your ass and rarely breaking.


Intelligent bloggers give themselves blogging space. Pull back from your blogging duties on the hour. Sit in quiet for a few moments. Can you do anything differently with your blog? Are you using blogging time intelligently? Can you be more effective? How can you blog more efficiently? Bandy about these questions in mind. Allow ideas to knock on your blogging noggin during these periods of space. Rest. Reflect. Observe.


Take a break to get ahead.


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Ruminate over that statement. Take a break to get ahead. I bet you thought getting ahead meant working harder and longer than other bloggers. Unfortunately, this crock of crap gets passed among hard work consciousness types who spread the crippling meme among the masses. Meanwhile, owners break, think, plan, work intelligently and generously, leverage, expand their presence and run the show.


Owners relax into being more effective. Everyone else rushes ahead like a headless chicken to work for owners.


Be the owner. Not the headless chicken.


Pull back to create more.


Become prolific by resting, relaxing and allowing more creative ideas to flow to you.


Break early and often to energize yourself sufficiently for your prolific, creative blitzes.




Do you prefer seeing me gab on video?


I filmed this a while back during a trip to Oman. Setting aside about 1 minute is all you need to do.


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Pull Back to Create More

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