Public Mobile Urination Unit and Other Colorful Yangon Photos

  March 1, 2017 travel posts 🕑 4 minutes read

BK. Where’s my crown?


Or public mobile Urinatation unit.


Either way, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.


Like any foreign land one finds amusing photo opps from time to time. Like any SE Asian foreign land, the pics seem to be a little more colorful to Western eyes.


As we travel to Bagan today I wanted to share a few fun images I snapped to help you see, too, you can live the dream and PREserve silly images from exotic spots like Yangon, Myanmar.


Public Mobile Urination Unit



Props to Kelli for spotting this one. I snapped it from the taxi. Quick drive by.


Tough to make out lettering but the actual words: Public Mobile Urinatation Unit. Appeared to be public. Mobile. Men left adjusting their flies. Solo station. All boxes ticked across the board.


As one may reckon, sometimes in urban areas of developing nations one may struggle to find restrooms. So instead of one coating trees like a male dog marking his turf, one may PMUU.


No; the satellite dish is NOT sprouting from the PMUU. Though it would be cool if you could whiz and watch the latest season of Stranger Things.


John Cena Goes Jewelry



I would be remiss to leave out the mis-spell. Or perhaps, this is the proper spelling here.


Props to the WWE King for becoming a jeweler in Yangon. Government registered. Up and up stuff.


Props also to the pioneer who used the same exact branded lettering the star of pro wrestling and movies uses. Bonus points out the ying yang in Yangon.


Why Did the Chicken Watch Me Eat Lunch?



This chicken watched me eat lunch on the sidewalk.


Twas vegetarian. No direct insult. He strolled around. Then sat calmly beside my baby-sized plastic chair oft-seen in SE Asian locales.


Note to self; do not eat free range chicken in Yangon. This guy picked through stinking, festering trash cooking on the street all day long for a tasty evening treat. I’d rank his Burmese Buffet as 2 steps down from raw sewage.


Graphic Warning Sign



I snapped this photo at a market.


Note the actual blood spewing from the head and can’t you feel the guy’s pain as he stumbles horribly? About as subtle as heart failure, this sign does in fact inspire you to watch your head as you make your way through low hanging ceiling structures.


Or, UNDER low hanging ceiling structures.


Graphic does work though. I found myself staring around in paranoid fashion at the ceiling, wanting to avoid a Mortal Kombat type injury.


Various Bodybuilding Images from the 80’s and 90’s



I expected Dorian Yates to walk out of a Yangon gym. Or maybe Sergio Oliva.


All around town, dated images of overly muscular bodybuilders graced the streets. Gyms were on the second floor. So you’d see images of jacked-up white guys in front of Burmese street stall style restaurants.


All images circa 1983 – 1996. Pushing it on the north end.


The Kindly Man Offers 5 Grand to Monks as Alms



5 grand!


The monks asked – then pleaded – as I offered the cold hard kiyat.


Younger monks may beg and plead – as these guys did – but older monks usually solely visit local establishments and patiently wait for a few moments for alms.


These young Turks were learning the art of detachment, aka, begging me even persistently. I smiled, almed ’em and set an intent to have fewer gray hairs in a future life.


It’s Never NOT Been Fancy



Even back to the Rangoon days this place has always been fancy.


SE Asian store signs always (see the joke?) seem to use superlatives and colorful words to stand out from the competition. Best. #1. Always. Forever. Fancy.


This garment shop sat in the market. Looked fancy enough to me. Looked fancy forever to me.


Temple Guardian



Would you wanna cross this guy?


From the fearsome chompers to his burgeoning war hammer, this temple guardian greeted us at the top of a hill in Yangon.


The fierce warrior wielded a sledgehammer; and didn’t look afraid to use it.


Always Safe



One of my greatest reliefs as a traveler is when I sit down to a meal knowing I won’t be attacked by my food.


Or does this mean my food is secure?


Either way, these roast ducks seemed to taste great and be totally safe. From the look of the sign.


Bonus Non Picture: Demonic Monkey Crows of Rangoon


I used the old name for Yangon; more dramatic ring to it.


I ain’t sharing a pic because these are simply crows. Yet, demonic monkey crows they are, because hoards of these creatures scream like deranged, demonic monkeys all day long throughout the city, fighting, clawing and stealing their way into your demi-god heart.




    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:58 pm

      Hi Srinivasa,

      I am sure I would 😉 We will visit one day. We did south India in 2013 – Pondy, Chennai, Muhamma, Bangalore and Kovalam Beach – and captured a slew of such images. Each one more colorful then the next. When I had giardia in Muhamma what came out of my stomach was colorful too LOL! Can’t wait to get back to India. Tons of flavor in your homeland.


  1. Alex says:
    at 12:49 pm

    Why Did the Chicken Watch Me Eat Lunch?
    I think he was hungry 🙂 🙂 by the thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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