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  December 5, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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Blogging money, blogging traffic and blogging business flow inside-out.


Few bloggers understand this basic truth. Most bloggers try to work outside-in by attempting to manipulate people, circumstances and things to experience success. All of these bloggers struggle, fail and quit because outside-in blogging is fear-based; fear-actions lead to failure 100% of the time.


Blogging becomes easier if you clear your inner world of fear, regularly. Void of deep fears, even though blogging feels uncomfortable in moments, the journey gets easier. Then, really easy. But few bloggers clear inner fears so blogging feels tough, difficult or even impossible. Do you crave blogging success? Stop craving blogging success. Get super duper busy following your passion and facing, feeling and releasing deep fears related to blogging and life. Slow, steady, ever-expanding success follows. Fear prevents success. Fear creates struggle. Love is the absence of fear. Love promotes blogging success.


Every blogging problem is in your mind. Traffic problems are fears in your mind manifest as traffic problems. For example, a pro blogger may advise guest blogging and genuinely commenting on top blogs from your niche to put traffic problems in your rear view window. But fears in your mind manifest as excuses as to why you cannot or will not guest blog or comment genuinely on blogs. Guest blogging is neutral. Genuine blog commenting is neutral. Neither can do anything because both are inanimate concepts. No blogger can blame guest blogging or blog commenting for traffic struggles because neither are sentient.


What is the problem? Fear in your mind attempts to scare you into not acting on proven blogging advice related to guest blogging and blog commenting. Face the fear in your mind. Guest post. Comment on blogs. Increase blog traffic. Solve your traffic problem.


Of course, facing fear feels highly uncomfortable. Bloggers tend to suffer from struggles rather than make uncomfortable decisions. Few bloggers go pro because most prefer comfort and failure over freedom, success and temporary discomfort. Either you face fear to succeed or duck fear to fail and quit. Blogging does not care if you blame blogging for your problems because blogging has no ears, eyes or feelings. Either you project fear and quit or face fear and succeed from the inside-out.


Everything depends on you.


Be open to accelerating your blogging success from the inside-out. Stop looking to anything outside of you as a blogging savior. Email lists, Google traffic and meeting the allegedly right blogger with connections do not make you successful. Long term blogging success flows from your mindset into the outside world.


Email list subscriber numbers fluctuate. Google traffic comes and goes. Blogging influencers come and go; even if you befriend an influencer you cannot depend on the individual for your success because you cannot control them and they have a freeing, fun, busy life outside of you.


However, strong-minded bloggers experience increased success because this crowd engineers success from the inside-out. Note how pros teach you to blog mainly for fun. Pros also advise you to follow your passion. Fun, passionate emotions are inner drivers forming an inexhaustible source of blogging fuel independent of outside conditions like traffic or profits stats.


Promote your blogging success from the inside-out.


Build your blogging campaign on a rock solid foundation.

  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 5:35 am

    Hi Ryan, I’ve learned over the years to understand they will be ups and downs so I don’t fear when numbers drop anymore. I understand they will come back up as long as I remain consistent and helpful with and on the blog. Too many bloggers just give up and quit when something doesn’t go right or well for them. So many successful people failed several times before hitting success.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:56 am

      Lisa you are on track and you live this concept. You embody the concept of focusing entirely on the process of having fun helping people and allowing the numbers to take care of themselves, as they always do when you get super busy with having fun helping and befriending human beings. I recall observing a statistic where a hefty chunk of multi-millionaires failed with some crazy number of businesses. Some failed at 25 businesses before becoming millionaires. Even if they were in and out of a few businesses per year or 10 businesses over a year or two, that number reveals the intense failure associated with allowing a fear of numbers to dictate your business direction versus simply learning your lesson and seeing the journey through by trusting in yourself, by trusting in the business building process and by having fun helping people. Billionaires always talk about making something or creating something infinitely bigger than themselves. I recall reading that Jeff Bezos went over $500 million dollars into debt during his first few years of running Amazon. Yet most people panic when they owe $30 on their credit card for one month. How can we ever do something meaningful if we allow numbers on a screen to scare us? Thanks so much for sharing your comment my friend and for all of your support over the years.


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