Problems Quickly Dissolve into Service

January 22, 2019
Yes; this is a desert. Or; this is an oasis in the desert. Misfat Al Abriyeen in Oman.


Blogging problems always dissolve into service. No matter the blogging problem.


Traffic shortage? Help people. Profit drought? Help people. Simple? Hell yeah! But sometimes, helping people while you struggle feels highly uncomfortable because you grew up being raised by folks in Survival Mode who ordered you to take care of yourself first. In most cases. But ya gotta do it to see more traffic and profits. Successful bloggers build friend networks.


Successful bloggers build friend networks.Click To Tweet


Who buys my eBook for becoming a full time blogger? (buy it at the link) People I helped. Or people who know people I helped. Even if people appear to buy it randomly, being outside of my friend network, service lead to the sale. Service makes the sales. Ditto for blog traffic. Help people. Create content. Promote people. Traffic increases for you.


Eric Cole purchased my eBook. He promotes me. I am so happy to help him, linking to his blog.


Beyond Mama Life linked to me through her latest post, which is such an inspiring resource. I happily link to her.


Keep helping people. Everything keeps increasing. Problems only expand if you help yourself, primarily. Never make it all about you. Shine the spotlight on other bloggers. Shine the spotlight on your readers. Shine the spotlight on skilled bloggers like Vishwajeet Kumar, who publishes excellent content and networks tirelessly. Shine the blogging on Donna Merrill. She can open doors for you if you publish helpful content and network generously, as she is one of the most generous bloggers I know, along with Vishwajeet.


Comment genuinely on blogs, too. Comments are content. Commenting does your fellow blogger a solid.


Here’s the video guys.  Set aside 7:10 if you want to see me tawk (Northern New Jersey accent) about the topic and click the following link.


Problems Dissolve into Service

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