Do You Forget that Pro Bloggers Have Humble Beginnings?

  March 16, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Chennai, India


Check out the featured image.


I snapped this photo in Chennai, India.


Alleyways housed numerous shop owners who set up places of commerce along its alleys. The gentleman above ran a business beside his bicycle. Biking around town seems to be a preferred method among a small collection of folks in Chennai. Most folks love bipedal locomotion. Walking takes the taco, sans using gas to get around.


I enjoyed viewing these enterprising entrepreneurs. One definitely would deem the man as working in humble surroundings. Advertisements line the streets, modest places of business grace the sidewalks and yes, a hard scrabble appearance seems to pervade this rough and ready environment. He dons flip flops, a collared t-shirt and his towel.


I love his set-up. I wear T-shirts and shorts daily while blogging from a couch in most places where I visit during world travels.


My blogging career began humbly and remains humble, even as a pro. I had no clue what I was doing back in 2008. Most of the time, I tripped through my early blogging journey. I winged it for a while like a complete buffoon. I eventually followed pro blogger advice. But I still struggled for a bit.


As for my blogging set up, try sitting cross-legged and blogging on a simple laptop. No home office to speak of anywhere around the world. From my native New Jersey to Bali to New Zealand, I blog on beds, chairs, couches and in some cases, on floors. I hate using desks. Working from desks makes my neck feel too stiff.


But did you believe I blogged so humbly? Maybe you believed I lived a sexy life of circling the globe. I do not. I do circle the globe. I feel free through blogging. But my work set up and blogging day are simple, humble and basic. I blog, guest post and network all day long. I do hours of yoga. I meditate. I exercise. Nothing I do is spectacular or complex. But I did these simple things for 15,000 hours spanning 12 years. THAT was the difference maker.


Most bloggers delude themselves with insanity, trying to do spectacular, complex things to succeed quickly. All burn out.


But a select few bloggers do simple things humbly and generously for a long time to eventually go pro.


I totally vibe with the dude in the picture I snapped above. I love his style. Set up shop, help people with valued service and do not give too much thought to the finer details of gussying things up to create some appearance or illusion. I genuinely care less about all of that stuff. I wear T-shirts and shorts. All of my belongings fit into a carry on. I own no home. I own a laptop and phone.


But I live a fairly neat, freeing life through blogging. I circled the globe for 11 years as a pro blogger coming from humble beginnings and maintaining an equally humble blogging environment, despite my seemingly spectacular globe-trotting ways, living in places like Fiji, Bali and New Zealand for months at a time.


Keep it simple guys! Stick to the basics. Be humble. Generously serve people. Never become prideful or vain. Never fall prey to the insanity of conceit. Give no thought to the opinions of other people. Love and accept yourself. You are wonderful and need no positive review or sugary sweet feedback to confirm this truth.


Every pro blogger begins humbly. The wise ones remain humble through their entire career, allowing worldly success and spectacular life styles to roll off of their being like water off of a duck’s butt.


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