Pro Blogging Success Flows to You Organically

  December 15, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand.


Perhaps the most difficult aspect of becoming a pro blogger is realizing that hard work, forcing things, pushing yourself and generally acting from fear actually PUSHES YOU BACKWARDS.


Straining, striving, forcing things and trying to push yourself forward has the opposite effect. Fear pushes you back into struggle and failure.


Professional blogging success flows to you organically.


For example, slowly, calmly and confidently writing a valuable blog post solving reader needs inspires readers to share your post organically across a wide range of channels. While you sleep for 8 hours tonight your happy readers:


  • retweet the blog post
  • share the blog post on Facebook
  • share the blog post on LinkedIn


During those 8 hours, pure organic blogging growth occurred for you because other people did blogging work for you and accelerated your online success. However, most bloggers attempt to do all of the work themselves from an inorganic, manipulated, fear-based approach. Most bloggers fail. A select few allow organic blogging growth from a relaxed, calming job well done to accelerate success to the professional level.


Each morning I check my @replies on Twitter at roughly the same time. I do not check @replies until 24 hours later. Each time I check @replies 24 hours later I tweet 100’s of times to reply to folks for roughly 90 minutes to 2 hours straight. Hundreds of tweeters organically promote my blog during each 24 hour stretch because I spent years generously creating and connecting not from fear and force but love, fun and trust. Both energies exist completely at opposite ends of the spectrum.


Appreciate organic blogging growth because this growth forms the foundation for a thriving blogging campaign. Trusting readers to grow your blog around the clock becomes critical because no blogger goes pro based only on their steam. No one can succeed solo because eventually you run out of time attempting to do it all solo. I would burn out of I stayed up nightly to tweet my post posts and like my blog posts 100’s of times overnight. However, gradually creating and connecting over years promoted organic growth, influencing hundreds of tweeters to retweet and like my blog posts weekly.


No one can become successful based on inorganically manipulating people and systems; burnout follows. Pros succeed by allowing inorganic growth to accelerate courtesy of their readership.




Check out the video as I discuss this concept:


Pro Blogging Success Flows to You Organically


Slow down your mind. Take your time. Be patient. Adopt a realistic long term time frame for your blogging campaign. Realizing how going pro requires years of work and patience grounds you enough to let success grow organically. Everything depends on your willingness to patiently see the journey through.


Do the work now. Let success expand organically through your blogging community.


Doing the work now allows the work to work for you.


Think like a pro to embody this frame of mind for the long haul.




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