Do You Fall Prey to this Blogging Error?

  January 4, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Me in the rice fields of Bali.


A few minutes ago I read a post from a tribe. One blogger noted they could not share another blogger’s content for fear of conflicting promotions.


The fearful blogger ran campaigns for a big company. The other blogger’s tweet promoted a company in a similar niche.


Fear rears its ugly head again. The fear of competition.


The blogging boo-boo: fearing an insane concept called “the competition.”


Most bloggers fall prey to this mistake. Some duke it out with each other. Others fear giving away their best content for the terror of someone stealing their ideas. Fear scares you into failure. Fearing other bloggers makes you timid. Imagining yourself going against anyone makes you weak because time and energy spent going against wastes energy most powerfully spent being for.


How It Works


One blogger ran a campaign for a big box brand. Since the fellow blogger ran a campaign for a big box brand in a similar niche, the first blogger feared promoting the other blogger’s opportunity would eat into sales and affiliate income from the promotion of their opportunity.


This is insane in a universe of abundance. But bloggers inaccurately buy into the biggest lie going; you can actually go against someone to access a limited supply.


If the competition – termed used loosely – beats you to clients, customers or readers, before you connect with these people, you will run out, go broke and fail forever.


Writing these words makes it sound silly. I see the idea of going against someone as funny in abundance. I work with people. I co-create. I also work for people. I never ever ever go against.


Be for.


Not against.




Don’t compete.


Let go competition, and let go of the fear of competition.


What About Healthy, Playful Competition?


Some say that playful competition with other bloggers inspires you to succeed.


I say your “why” is weak.


I blog to have fun, spread love, to free myself and to free my readers.


Why would I need anything else to keep blogging, to inspire and to succeed?


I’d be going against the imagined competition, anyway. Nobody can write quite like me. Nobody can touch me.


Nobody can write quite like you. Nobody can touch you. At least when you cease looking for outside drivers and focus instead on the inner world, finding your fun, loving, passionate intent, to pull you through blogging thick and thin.


Besides; focusing heavily on outside drivers leads to dicey situations, including you selling your soul to make money if you get desperate enough. Not a good look.


Try this Strategy


Work with bloggers. Co-create. Do not compete.


Top bloggers act abundantly, happily forming mutually beneficial bonds with other top bloggers that help both blogger’s readerships.


Work with fellow bloggers to help each other succeed. Blog from abundance.  Co-create success. Promote fellow bloggers on your blog. Tweet bloggers. Share blogger’s posts on Facebook. Guest blog. Open your blog to guest blogging. Be a co-creator to rise above the field of competition. While foolish bloggers waste time slugging it out due to fear in their minds you will sprint past their competitive consciousness by working with bloggers.




Folks who fear competition – or believe in the concept – have a difficult time letting go outside influences to believe in themselves.


Email list worshipping is one such influence that needs to go before you can deeply trust yourselves.


I filmed a short 1-minute video to help you believe in you versus your email list. This concept applies perfectly to the idea of competition or anything outside of yourself.


Click this link to watch the video:


Blogging Tip In A Minute: Believe In Yourself Not In Your List

  1. Masha says:
    at 1:40 am

    Hi Ryan,
    A really admirable work Ryan! “Blogging from paradise “never fails to amuse me. Your ideas are intuitive and updated, As a blogger even I was too concerned about the competition and feared that my ideas may not be outstanding. The most challenging part is the fear of failure which made me feel less competitive, your ideas gives me hope that healthy competition exists. We rise by lifting others ,over and above I am desperately gonna improve my strategy creating mutual beneficial bonds and work to my fullest potential. Add on to that your videos are amiable and constructive for new bloggers

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