3 Questions to Ask Before Placing Ads on Your Blog

  April 29, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand.

Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand.


Boosting ad revenue frees you from blogging on a set schedule.


Every blogger wants to earn passive income to make money while they sleep.


Setting up ads seems easy enough. Most programs require you to apply via a simple form before your blog gets approved.


In terms of the income stream itself, earning through ad revenue is “set it and forget it”. Apply. Get your blog approved. Embed ads. Forget about the ads. Earn revenue.


But just because you can generate ad revenue does not mean you should place ads on your WordPress blog.


Ad revenue sounds sweet. Imagine making money around the clock by simply embedding advertisements on your blog and generously helping people. But ad revenue proves to be a fickle beast. In truth, making money through ads is an advanced strategy for a few clear reasons.


Making a sizable income through ads is difficult for a few reasons.


These are the questions to ask before placing ads on your blog.


1: Do You Want to Make Money for Yourself or Offer a Useful Service for Readers?


Most bloggers embed ads primarily to make blogging money for themselves.


But if you think only about your needs and your readers do not see the value in your ads no one will click on your ads.


Stop trying to make money for yourself. Embed ads only if these advertisements offer your readers:


  • valuable content
  • beneficial solutions to their problems
  • seamless opportunities for improving their lives


For example, prospering travel bloggers embed ads 100% related to solving travel problems suffered by readers. Readers click ads to receive solutions to their travel issues. Travel bloggers earn steady income through each click. Both parties win.


Bloggers rarely think about what their readers want before making any decisions. Since your readers decide whether or not to click on your ads you better make sure that your ads clearly solve reader problems.


Embed ads primarily to help your readers, not to pad your bank account. Get clear on your intent to make the right decision for you and your community.


Get clear on your intend. Honest bloggers assess whether or not fear of loss goads them to embed ads on blogs. Groups of beginner bloggers often scramble to embed ads not for their readers but for padding their pockets. In virtually every case, these new blogger make pennies at best because their intent is selfish. Selfish bloggers rarely get ad clicks because they never think about the needs of their readers.


Blog to serve. Do ads meet reader needs? Embed ads to serve readers not to increase your blogging profits.


2: Do You Drive a High Volume of Laser-Targeted Traffic?


Generating ad revenue is an advanced blog monetizing technique.


Bloggers who drive a hefty volume of highly targeted traffic earn significant income by placing ads on their WordPress blogs.


Unfortunately, most new bloggers with no traffic wrongly believe that because it seems easy to embed an advertisement that making money through ads must be easy.  Imagine generating 1 cent every time someone clicks on your ads. How many ad clicks do you need to make just $100 USD per month for 1 penny per ad click? 10,000 clicks. How much traffic do you need to drive to your blog each month to get 10,000 clicks? At a minimum, your traffic needs to be 100,000 to 500,000 or more each month to get 10,000 clicks.


Of course, that traffic better be highly targeted if you want 10,000 clicks for $100 USD.  How much work does it take to drive 100,000 plus highly targeted readers to your blog monthly? At a minimum, you need to work long, patiently and generously to drive a hefty volume of laser-targeted traffic to your blog.


Does making $100 from busting your blogging butt for 100’s of hours sound like a smart pay-off?




Look at my blog sidebar. Anytime someone clicks on ads pointing to my blogging manuals and buys one I make $10 USD or $20 USD. Receiving 20 bucks for every sale makes more sense than earning 1 penny each time someone clicks on an advertisement, for me. Not everyone who clicks my manual ads buys one but at least I get 10 to 20 bucks for each sale.


Consider embedding ads to high traffic, targeted blogs or be generous, patient and persistent until the money flows in.


Top earning bloggers freely generate high advertising revenue but only because these bloggers and their teams drive heavy, highly targeted traffic to blogs. Never monetize your blog like an advanced professional until you drive a high volume of targeted traffic similar to advanced professionals.


3: Do Advertisements Match Your Blog and Brand?


I teach bloggers how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.


Anything that appears on Blogging From Paradise needs to align fully with retiring to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.


Since no ad networks serve only ads that align with my blog I do not embed advertisements on Blogging From Paradise.


Do your ads align with your blog and brand? Demand a perfect match to both maintain brand integrity and to earn a profit through advertisements.


Memorable bloggers publish memorable, fully-aligned blogs. Embedding ads not clearly related to your niche makes your blog and brand less memorable. Being forgotten in a fast-paced world hurts your blog, brand and business.


Align to shine.


Embed only ads completely aligned with your blogging niche and brand.


Conquer this Fear to Step Away from Embedding Ads on Your Blog


Imagine if you decide to step away from placing ads on your blog.


What can you do to make money blogging?


Before considering income streams you need to conquer this fear.


Check out the video:


1 Damaging Fear Plaguing Adsense Bloggers





I do want to discourage you from prospering through ad revenue.


But be realistic about whether or not advertising revenue solves your needs and equally solves your reader’s problems.


Either find a match to profit or explore different income channels beneficial to you and your community.

  1. Randall Magwood says:
    at 4:18 pm

    Great post. If a blog has the traffic to attract ad buys then they should do it if they can maintain the quality content on their blog. If they don’t have the traffic for ad buys, then they can consider a relevant affiliate product that suits the theme of their blog.

  2. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 8:21 am

    Hi Ryan and I was tempted this morning to try out Google adsense as it popped up in my WordPress blog but then I remembered how I did not like seeing them on others blogs and quickly clicked away.
    I prefer relevant sponsored content on the site versus ads And many times I’ve had to pass down sponsored content as it did not align with the blog.
    I love your idea of audio courses I had not explored that option. I could use my other courses to that format. Thanks for the tips on that Ryan.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:02 am

      Same here Lisa. When I thought through Adsense or other options it did not seem like a good fit for me and my readers. I uploaded one ad network for a few hours once. I immediately earned a few cents. I know I could make a nice income through ads but making money in the short term stifles even greater long term growth.

  3. Moss Clement says:
    at 1:12 pm

    Excellent pointers and insights about placing ads, Ryan. It’s great that you mention, “just because you can generate ad revenue does not mean you should place ads on your WordPress blog.” I agree with you 💯%. You have to consider the types of ads placed on your site. Are they relevant to your blogging niche? Will they provide value to your readers or make them cringe with all the ads? Will the ads be a distraction to your readers? Before jumping into ad placement on your site, there are several factors to consider.
    Thanks for sharing this one.😁

  4. Martins says:
    at 9:56 pm

    Ads nowadays are out of control blocking almost every content and distracting your readers, plus causing more site load. I think they are better off for news blogs. Although there’s also the option of ads placement and control to reduce the intrusiveness of AdSense ads.

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