5 Gorgeous Pictures Opotiki New Zealand

  March 25, 2018 travel posts 🕑 3 minutes read

Kelli and I awoke to this sunrise today in Opotiki New Zealand.


Bright pink hues.


Fire hot, brilliant shades of burning clouds.


Dark, foreboding, wilowing cumulonimbus towers.


Kelli and I awoke to the image you see above.


How it went down; Jake and Scuddie jostled around in bed. 2 poochies we are watching on the house sit here in Opotiki, New Zealand.


Kelli nudged me. I looked right.


Today’s sunrise dazzled me. We note different colors every few minutes of glancing at the gorgeous South Pacific here, being spoiled with a postcard picture perfect view 24-7. But each sunrise is remarkably different. No 2 are the same. Like snowflakes…or…..anything.


Last night a powerful storm plowed through the region. A more savage storm marched through the prior evening, lighting up the sky, unleashing torrents of rain and bellowing booming thunder.


Today is gorgeous. I assure you; Monday morning will be great, as I see the day before just about anybody reading this post.


The towering clouds in the shot above are remnants of the stout low pressure system that blew through.


Let’s enjoy a few more jaw-dropping photos.


The beach Opotiki New Zealand


Can anybody say “Lord of the Rings” because this one seemed like a classic shot taken from the epic movie series, eh?


Kelli snapped it during our beach walk. Imagine clean, impossibly pristine conditions as crisp air flows in from the South Pacific.


Note the emerald green grass begging you to roll around in its cushy, bed-like, inviting carpet. I may take you up on that, New Zealand Grass.


Towering mountains dominate the background in all directions, save ocean-side. This view is jaw-dropping and so damn common it’ll make your head spin.


I can almost see Frodo and Samwise wandering around the lush green grass by the beach now….


Skull Island






I snapped this Skull Island worthy shot as storms blew through.


Yep; Peter Jackson filmed scenes from his remake of the King Kong movie here in his native New Zealand. Can you see why?


Fiji rivals NZ in terms of raw beauty but I give a nod to the Kiwis. Obviously, the country’s full commitment to keeping things clean and pristine from its green standards to strict customs and immigration policies shines through these eye-popping shots.


Indonesia and Thailand; take notice!


Kong himself could easily peer through the misty, foggy and mystical cloud bank hugging the mountains and ocean in this dramatic, primal feeling shot.


Heavenly sunrise Opotiki New Zealand


Heaven shone through this snap PRE-served by my wife Kelli. (Emphasis on PRE for all Raising Arizona fans.)


Each morning shot, we see vastly varying colors, hues and feels to each sunrise over the South Pacific and surrounding mountains.


Why do these shots pop? New Zealand is likely the prettiest country on earth. NZ is also the cleanest country I have visited, with clear nights resembling a trip to the planetarium.


No pollution. No haze. No smog. This is how Nature is supposed to look, guys.


One Ring to Rule Them All….Opotiki New Zealand


Far from a pro photographer here but I feel I nailed the lighting, zoom, filter, background and coloring on this one.


I own a Ring of Power; the secret to my prolific nature and long life.


The Ring of Power – which I wrestled from both Gollum and Frodo – is my wedding band. Told you I am a serious Lord of the Rings fan.


Again; classic New Zealand background. Just like the LOTR films, impossibly green, lush grass and dramatic, towering mountains dominate the background.


The Precious made me do it!


Have you been to New Zealand?

  1. Rhonda Albom says:
    at 5:38 am

    Hi Ryan. Yes, the view and lighting is constantly changing in New Zealand. My favourite time is golden hour at sunset although sunrises with foggy mist over the hills is awesome. The grass is very green (on all sides of the fence). If you want to roll around in it, be sure your on the side of the fence without the animals.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:24 pm

      The green-ness stuns me Rhonda. Gorgeous. Noted; unless I wish to be one with the cow patties 🙂

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