Phillip Dews Did the Best Speed Work Since Usain Bolt

March 7, 2018
The need for speed. PD’s fingerprints all over it.


Have you noticed a little performance upgrade recently?


I went from 1984 Peugeot – trust me guys I drove one 25 years ago (ouch I am wise) – to Ferrari Enzo.


Lightning fast, blinding speed on Blogging From Paradise these days.




My developer Phillip Dews moved my site from old host to a VPS with a new host.


He even recorded a silent video (I keep thinking movie from the early 1900’s) screen sharing the process of moving hosts.


Watch it here:


Phillip Dews Moving Hosts Blogging From Paradise


He also did stuff like:


  • squeeze my images smaller
  • speed up my blog
  • crunch images with his bare Brummy hands
  • speed up my blog
  • get me on a CDN
  • speed up my blog
  • alert me that twas time to change hosts
  • speed up my blog
  • offer advice, progress reports and updates in the pleasant, soothing Birmingham accent
  • speed up my blog


I have the tech knowledge of a stoned hedgehog.


Seriously, imagine a hedgehog smoking 15 spliffs. Imagine said hedgehog with munchies.


I did however learn quite a bit from Phillip about:


  • CDN’s
  • hosts blacklisting certain IP’s (and of course shout out to you Adam Connell for alerting me to this issue) of CDN servers and how said blocks fudged up rendering and speed problems
  •  how I had 12,000 files on Blogging From Paradise (How? I’ve no clue in hell.)
  • other technical stuff traveling in one ear and out the other


In all seriousness – sorry for being serious – I learned heaps about tech stuff, hosting stuff, speed work and the like during my 12 day learning experience recently.


How it Started


Kelli and I were Ubering to immigration in Thailand. Like all good blogging stories start, eh?


My friend Freddy Cabrera shot me a message on Facebook. My blog looked funky. Hmmmm….I thanked my friend and dug deeper.


Emails started flowing in. Facebook messages. Some feedback by carrier pigeon. Some via Western Union, bribe money returned.


My discussion of said incident is beyond the scope of this blog but let’s just say after back and forth for over 10 days or 12 or I forget, I decided to go with a VPN per Phillip’s suggestion.


He did the transfer in a few hours. We worked out minor kinks.


The following day, everybody who had the rendering and speed issue said the site looked splendid. Joking; nobody used that word. But did say the site loaded fast as shit and rendering issue was no more.


Lessons Learned


Phillip Dews is a highly skilled, helpful web developer whom I suggest you connect with if you need speed work on your blog, to move hosts, if you need a custom-built theme or if you need assistance with design or development issues. Bonus points for his pleasant accent; he is a dear friend, wonderful human being, warm, generous and responsive too, which is so important because to most of us bloggers, understanding development language is like trying to learn all of the 6 million languages C-3PO communicates.


Building a strong tribe of loving, loyal, helpful friends alerts you to issues immediately. Once alerted you can ask for feedback without annoying dear readers and resolve the issue more quickly. Loyal readers are incredibly patient too, showing the patience of Job I mostly exhibited during this situation.


Shout out to:



for giving me valuable feedback quickly to troubleshoot this issue.


Patience and Detachment Wins


Minus a moment of mild mania (and alliteration), I was chill, calm, relaxed and detached during the nearly 2 week stretch where my site had performance issues. Far from reaching for Blog Viagra, I just:


  • promoted offsite products
  • promoted my Amazon eBooks, audio books and paperbacks
  • leaned down my site, removing bloat
  • wrote more guest posts
  • watched more movies


Patience and detachment wins, guys. Everytime.


Own your fears of loss. Feel ’em. Blog mainly from love and fun.


Who knew that last week, having major site issues for some readers would lead to me being on a VPS, with lightning fast load times for my blog?


Patience is powerful.


Patience is prospering.


Have you had issues with your blog recently?


How did you address these situations?

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  1. So good to know Adam. Thanks so much for your assistance; that suggestion based on your prob really got the ball moving my friend.

  2. Adam Connell Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for the shout out, bud! Glad I was able to help a bit.

    Phillip has done an incredible job – he really knows his stuff! and the proof is in the pudding. Opened up this post and even with my internet being dodgy at the moment, your site loaded blazing fast. Awesome!

    The pagespeed and yslow scores are crazy!

    And such an important message too about how to handle problems like this. Patience and detachment – right on!

    Talk soon,

  3. He is an awesome dude Lisa. Gem of a guy. Meeting Mayura would be so cool. I hope you do get to meet in Sri Lanka. I will definitely meet Phill one day, in the UK or somewhere.

  4. Cool Subham; you know the drill buddy.

  5. Subham Says:

    Your website is super fast and being a developer I can understand what it takes to do such kind of improvement. Just Amazing.

  6. Hi Ryan, that is great that he could do it all so quick for you. I had him for my eBook cover and he was very good!
    I have Mayura from Mayura4Ever my techie and he is also awesome. Great person and always there when I need him. I hope to meet him some day in SriLanka – that would be way cool!
    Your site is faster now 🙂
    I had seen a bunch of broken links the other day but I left them because I knew you would have it all fixed soon Ryan.
    Happy to hear all is well!

  7. Phillip thank you so much my friend, 10 times over. So happy to spread the word about your inspired skills and generous service.

  8. Phillip Dews Says:

    Wow Ryan, thank you. Call this a testimonial or what buddy.

    This is why I chose this career path.
    Not because of the money that comes with it (which incidentally is not the driving force) but it’s my clients reactions when I finally show the finished product to them. That for me is worth more than all the money the top 1% of earners this globe has produced.

    For over a decade now I have been doing this and my passion for web development never seems to fade, in fact it keeps getting stronger. Each month I keep getting the trades NET mag come through the door and I am always excited to see what new technologies or techniques have come to the fore.

    I am finally finishing of my own site and blog after many months because my weakness is that I keep changing my mind on the look and feel of the site. So far though I am really happy with the way it’s going and the way it looks. No doubt though when I next see a new technique I will wan t to implement it on my own website.

    Many thanks for this post fella. It’s a really great feeling waking up in the morning and finding out that a client has written about you during the night. BTW why not embed the video into the post so it’s easier for people to watch on your site then leaving to goto YT.

    Thanks again Ryan, you have really made my day today.


  9. Definitely honor your intuition Monna. If you feel your site loads slowly, it is time for an upgrade. Many buddies of mine use Site Ground and rave of it. Give it a look see my friend.

  10. Hi Ryan,

    Wow, this is amazing. I am so happy that your site worries are over. I think something is wrong with mine but no one at my hosting company will tell me. I am so tempted to move somewhere else but afraid I’ll end up worse than I am now.

    I haven’t had any complaints but seems like mine loads so very slow.

    I tested many pages on your site this evening and I am totally jealous. I want my site to load fast like that too.

  11. I left a thought.