Persistence: 1 Element to Passive Blogging Success

  November 26, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read


Corey Hinde noted on Twitter recently how his entrepreneurial super power is being persistent.


I agree. Corey has helped people build thriving businesses daily for years. One can set their clock to his persistent presence on Twitter. He shows up daily. Help helps people daily.


Being persistent carries a passive element to your successful blogging campaign. Specific work you do today you never need to do again because that work lays a layer of your blogging foundation you never need to lay again. Imagine laying the first row of bricks for a mansion today. You never need to lay the first row of bricks for a mansion ever again since you did that work today. Tomorrow, one lays row #2. 2 days from now, one lays row #3. Eventually, you build the entire mansion because you laid one more row of bricks daily.


But imagine if you put off laying row #1 today because you did not feel like it. Work you needed to do today moves on to tomorrow. You NEED TO eventually lay one row of bricks to begin the process of building a mansion. Putting off brick laying for 1 month means you put off the first step you NEED TO take to build a mansion. Mansions do not built themselves. Blogs do not build themselves.


Once you do blogging work today to lay the foundation for your blogging campaign that specific work drives passive blogging success to you based on the organic nature of the work itself. For example, writing and publishing this post and mentioning Corey as a trusted resource strengthens our friendship. Passively, organically, bloggers like Corey generously promote my posts. Why? I generously, patiently and persistently put in blogging work daily for years. All of the blogging work I did was laying rows of bricks for building a mega blogging mansion. I never need to do that specific work again. Plus all of my blogging friends say:


“Hey, check out this mega blogging mansion called Blogging From Paradise!”


each time a blogging friend:


  • retweets one of my blog posts
  • shares one of my posts on Facebook
  • mentions one of my posts on their blog
  • buys and endorses one of my eBooks
  • buys and endorses one of my courses


Passively, many bloggers share or like my content on Twitter when I sleep from 12 AM to 8 AM here in the EST time zone of the United States. But I only experience a passive element to my blogging expansion because I patiently worked daily to lay a granite-like foundation for my blogging campaign.


This is a cumulative mindset rare in a blogging world of scarcity, loss and no vision. Bloggers lost in scarcity foolishly believe that they start at ground zero every single day because they:


  • have no vision
  • dominate their minds with fear
  • completely ignore the truth that every blogging work day lays a stronger, more robust, bigger foundation for your blogging campaign.


Be persistent. Blog mainly for fun and freedom. Even though you do similar blogging work daily you build something bigger and more successful after you complete each work day. You build on your blogging success daily; stop thinking you start at zero on a daily basis, building a new foundation from scratch!


Specific work you do today lays a row to a blogging foundation you never need to lay again; simply build the blogging mansion higher and higher with daily work until it peaks into the clouds…..and beyond!


Persistence: 1 Passive Element to Blogging Success


Video Transcript


There is a passive element to blogging success guys that few bloggers think about and it’s the work you do today you never have to do ever again. You will be doing the same thing on most days, but I’m talking about the work you do today, you never have to do, again….plus this work drives passive traffic and profits in the future. I record this video and when I turn it into a blog post in a few moments that is forever, as long as I have my Twitter account and as long as I’m paying for my domain and hosting at Blogging from Paradise.


So that’s one more piece of content that passively will promote my blog, brand and business over the course of my entire online career. so think about that guys if you maybe get a little lazy here and there or think about mailing it in.


It takes incredible persistence, generosity and gets uncomfortable sometimes but if you’re willing to see this passive element thru, you’ll be in a whole bunch of spots way down the road with your blog.




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