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Pak Nam Pran, Thailand is not your average Thai tourist town.


Although it is a quick hop skip jump from Bangkok, this place is a haven for the well-heeled Bangkok crowd in addition to a few tourists who seek rest and relaxation beside the Gulf of Thailand. Really well-heeled as I recall seeing 4 Lamborghini’s cruising down the beach front strip one afternoon.


Quiet and set well away from any type of urban or heavily touristed center, this is the type of town where soi dogs take over the main traffic circle after 9:30 PM. I am not kidding. Cars and motorbikes flow through this circle so infrequently during evening hours that 5 to 10 dogs literally sleep throughout the traffic circle. Drivers simply navigate around the pooches slowly; they ain’t getting up any time soon.


Here’s a sweet little Pak Nam Pran Thailand travel guide for you.


Getting There


Getting to Pak Nam Pran is a piece of Thai cake.


The town sits about 3 hours south of Bangkok so busing down from the Thai capital is the easiest way to arrive in PNP.


Taxi options are available for a much steeper price. Go with the bus.


Once you get dropped off take a taxi to town; it’s quite a distance from the bus stop to Pak Nam Pran, aka, a 40 minute car ride.


Things to Do


For a place seemingly in the middle of nowhere there are ample things to do in Pak Nam Pran, Thailand.


Head to the beach to enjoy serene waters – during high season – and a crazy amount of sand real estate. Pak Nam Pran is about the biggest beach I have seen in person.


Grub on fresh seafood prepared and served by vendors beach-side. Kids happily bring your lunch or dinner to you on a platter which is pretty dang convenient.


Head into town for a little light shopping at one of the many convenience stores in the area. We preferred 7-11 for its ready-made vegetarian dishes.


The local market – on Wednesday early evening but schedule always subject to change – offers food, clothes and other goods for local prices. Even if you are farang.


I bought my often-spied King Rama military shirt for 90 Baht ($3) at this market.


Rent a motorbike and feast your eyes on dazzling mountain scenery as you make your way to Sam Roi Yot National Park. Kelli and I made the trip from Pak Nam Pran in about 45 minutes. Expect to be stunned by the mesmerizing views of the Gulf of Thailand from cliffs high above the water and surrounding land.


This is a hot, humid climb, folks. Bring plenty of bottled water, patience, and perhaps even a change of clothes. I recall feeling particularly drenched after navigating the park for a few hours.


If you want some Convenient Creature Comforts just head on over to Pranburi (for shopping) or if you really want to get your tourist on hop a motorbike ride to Hua Hin, only a 30 minute moto jaunt away.


When all else fails just go temple hopping as many gorgeous Buddhist temples grace the area.


Tample Pak Nam Pran Thailand



Where to Eat


Most of the restaurants sit by the beach front strip but you can find eats at street stalls throughout town.


Kelli and I enjoyed hitting up a few spots on the beach strip for tasty mixed vegetable with green curry dishes. We also grabbed our beloved banana shakes from various vendors around town (don’t worry; we paid before grabbing).


Where to Stay


By the beach.




Most lodging in town exists beach-side. Although you may find a fun spot on AirBnb as Kelli and I did.


We rented a cute little home about a 2 minute motorbike ride from the water (not the swimming beach) and a 10 minute motorbike ride from the swimming and laying out beach. Nice location too as we lived beside a little field and farming family.


Most spots seemed more on the luxury side of things but with some digging you will find a hotel or home that meets your budget.




Getting around is about renting a motorbike or walking.


This is far from a tourist spot. Perhaps you can grab the odd taxi – as Kelli and I did when arriving at the bus stop outside of town – but renting a motorbike for your stay is the cheapest, easiest way to get around Pak Nam Pran so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the place.


Dog Pak Nam Pran Thailand


Pay no more than 3300 Baht a month for a motorbike rental. Tip; see if the person you are renting your home or apartment or hotel room through can set up the rental for you. If they are Thai the price will drop from the Farang price to the Thai price.


Use your 2 legs if you want to get some cardio – and some sun – as things are a wee bit spread out in the community.


Pak Nam Pran Thailand


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