What Are the 3 Most Painful But Freeing Words to Utter as a Blogger?

  December 23, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Mount Cook, New Zealand.

Mount Cook, New Zealand.


Embedding 3rd party advertisements on my blog a few days ago proved 2 things:


  1. you guys enjoy the ads; you are clicking on the ads frequently per my payments increasing quite quickly
  2. I was wrong about not embedding adds on this blog since I personally disliked seeing ads on other blogs


I was wrong.


Today I begin the slow, patient process of moving all Blogging From Paradise eBooks to:


  • Selz
  • Gumroad




11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course


Amazon never clicked for me. I always felt strong resistance using Amazon from their:


  • strict legals
  • low commission rates
  • general rigidness around uploading and selling


Making a big mistake, I went against my intuition 7 years ago in selling virtually all eBooks through Amazon and virtually none through other platforms. Getting clear on my advertisement error noted above nudged me to begin the mass eBook migration.


I was wrong.


The 3 most painful but freeing blogging words to utter are:


I was wrong.


The ego hates being wrong for:


  • pride
  • vanity
  • arrogance
  • insanity


Pain arises in the ego as you utter each word because the ego is fully bat-shit deluded; it stings at admitting the struggling, painful way is no longer serving it. Speaking each of the 3 words instantly frees you to:


  • help more people
  • gain more traffic
  • make more money
  • have more fun
  • blog with greater peace of mind


Today marks my most peaceful, enjoyable, fun day blogging in years because I finally did what the intuition told me to do years ago. I was wrong. I admitted my mistakes. Admitting each error freed me to make changes resulting in instant increased success but solely because I:


  • finally trusted my gut on ads and a mass Amazon migration
  • feel deeply happy that you guys are clicking on the ads (providing you a useful service) and buying eBooks from Selz at an increased clip


Every success that you experience feels freeing. But freedom sometimes occurs after admitting that you were wrong. I predicted Facebook’s demise years ago. After a 10,000% plus organic reach surge skyrocketing upwards over the prior months on Facebook for me….I was wrong. Ditto for Twitter. Ditto for various aspects of my blogging campaign.


Did I waste 7 years selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle? No. I learned valuable lessons during the 7 year stretch. Learning gave me clarity enough to see the truth. I became highly attached to prosperity channels. Embedding third party advertisements, adding a donate-support button and beginning the mass migration of all eBooks from Amazon to Selz and Gumroad recently gives me enough joy, energy and blogging mojo to where I feel like an 18 hour blogging day beckoning me. I feel as relaxed as I have for years because I am allowing you, your overall feedback and your guidance to intuitively pull me into a role of:


  • the greatest service
  • the happiest blogging experience
  • the greatest worldly blogging success


I really love you guys deeply. I was wrong in not expressing this truth more often. In truth, I carried a host of uncomfortable to embrace fears, traumas, grief and guilt from my childhood, as most of us are wont to do. Facing, feeling and releasing these guilt-inducing anchors has allowed me to be more happy, helpful and sensitive to your feedback-trends as far as how I best assist you.




Admit that you may be or have been wrong.


Go ahead. Do it.


Your blogging success and happiness often depends on it.

  1. John Ravi says:
    at 2:23 am

    Hi Ryan,

    What a great article! I can completely relate to this article. I agree some of the most painful words are “I was wrong”. I have faced a similar issue myself, and it takes a lot of courage to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong. I really gain a lot of insights reading this article, and I will definitely share this with the rest of my network. It was a very informational piece of content, and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:23 am

      Hi John,

      I really appreciate you sharing with your tribe and expressing your thoughts here. I chose to undergo a huge mindset shift over the prior 2 weeks. Letting go deep fears cleared my mind a bit to the point of waking it up enough, to make these changes. Once the mind stretches, it never returns to more closed, former fear-based states. What a blessing.

  2. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 5:43 am

    Hi Ryan, wow, I’ve been wanting to take my eBook off Amazon but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I don’t agree with a lot of their policies and try to buy books elsewhere every time. Could you sell your books directly from your site? Or does Gumroad help deliver more traffic for you? I’d love to know about the process of switching, thanks Ryan.

    And it’s never wrong to admit you were wrong. That’s how we learn and grow! Merry Christmas!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:20 am

      Hi Lisa,

      You can sell eBooks directly through your site but the process required to code it is potentially very expensive, mired in headaches and poses some security flaws too. Using Gumroad or Selz seems to be the wiser choice. Gumroad or Selz would not so much deliver the traffic; we do that with our creating and connecting. However, Gurmoad and Selz have all the coding-backoffice-tech-security stuff set up without the endless legals, headaches and blanket madness going on over at Amazon, making life and selling easier, IMO and from my experience.

      I am learning as I go along my friend. For now, I am simply unpublishing Kindles from KDP and converting my eBook Word docs to PDF and uploading to Selz, then I’ll send some to Gumroad too. The process is easy but laborious. Exciting though! New life for me, blogging-wise.

      Merry Christmas 🙂

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