Bagan Myanmar


What to Pack for a Day Touring Bagan Myanmar




The largest Buddhist temple complex on earth.


Bagan, Myanmar is the most Indiana Jones worthy place I have visited.


From the dusty climes during high season to the preserved, ancient ruins, sometimes crumbling over the centuries, this place is an archaeologist’s dream.


Kelli and I visited Bagan for 3 days of temple viewing. This is pretty much what you do here.


How it works: you arrive in town. Pay your temple fee. Get a pass. Enjoy temple hopping over a few days.


I enjoyed the smooth, easy process of paying the fee up front so you can wander the town at your leisure.


Bagan has some eateries, ample hotels and a few markets to explore.


Make no mistake about it; this sleepy area is all about the temples.


Pack these items for your temple hopping expeditions, Young Indy.


1: Bottled Water


Emphasis on“bottled.”


Hey; it happens anywhere….but Kelli and I both became violently ill in Bagan. Kelli lost her lunch while biking back to the hotel. I saw backend problems the moment after we feasted on our first Bagan breakfast, and subsequently began vomiting and having backend projectile stuff on the bus ride from Bagan to Inle Lake.


Bagan Myanmar


Bottled water is safe – or should be – and a must have item in the dry, stifling hot temperatures one encounters in Bagan, while temple hopping.


2: Sun Block


Pack your sun block guys.


No shelter from the sun’s rays unless you step inside one of the hallowed temples in Bagan.


Trees are not in abundant supply here. At least during temple hopping sessions.


Sun block is the great tan killer, I know, but avoiding sun burn or sun poisoning tends to enhance your exploring days in this magical little town.


If you skip sunblock all together you better go with long sleeved shirts and pants. Keep the neck covered too.


Myanmar is a conservative nation. In general, cover up as much as possible. Respect local culture. Avoid attracting any unwanted attention.


Enjoy this helpful article on thahara to see what you should wear in Myanmar.


What to Wear in Myanmar


3: Hat


Don a brim.



Look explorer worthy.


Protect yourself from the sun.


I removed my hat for this picture. And for the image above. Just saying.


Wearing a hat – or donning the sophisticated-looking umbrella – is an easy way to protect your face and shoulders, if the brim is wide enough.


At a minimum though, wearing a ball cap protects your head from the sun. No brainer for balding – or bald – types and it sure don’t hurt for other sentient beings with full heads of hair, either.


4: Burmese Kyat or US Dollars


Pack your Burmese Kyat or USD.


Prep for any roadside purchases.


Bagan is all about the temples. Vendors often sell a range of neat goods beside the more heavily traveled temples throughout Bagan.


Be ready with some scrilla and your best bartering skills to score sweet Burmese keepsakes.


5: Sweet and Salty Snacks


Electrolytes, children. Replenish ’em.


Sweating profusely and hydrating amply ensures electrolyte loss. Graze on salty, healthy snacks like salted nuts. Energize yourself. Replace sodium lost through sweating sessions.


Consider dried fruit or other sweet, healthy snacks to remain energized for your walking or biking around Bagan, to see the lovely temples. A candy bar works in a pinch too, but eat it quickly. The melt factor in hot Bagan is through the roof.


6: Your Kindle and Some Fun Reads


Bagan is about the temples.


Night life is pretty much non existent, and restaurants shut down early, as in all of Myanmar.


Pack your Amazon Kindle plus some tasty reads to enjoy in your hotel room.


Enjoy some of these colorful Blogging From Paradise travel ebooks:



Your Turn


What items can you add to this list?


What would you pack for a trip through Bagan Myanmar?


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