How to Organize Your Blogging Day for Maximum Efficiency (Amazon eBook)

November 9, 2017


I once wrote 10,000 words daily while tending to 4 dogs and 3 cats at a villa in Bali.


This was snake country folks. I did not toss out some kibble and put my feet up. I had to be on my toes. Or else little kitties would become snake food.


Sometimes I rose at 4:45 AM to walk the dogs through the wilderness. We had to have the cats in before 6 PM. 15 foot long pythons eat cats.


I walked the dogs twice daily. One day a week I even helped watch 35 chickens.


Oh yeah; during a 3 month stretch over this time frame in Bali I wrote and self-published one 6,000 word eBook every single day.


I also did some other blogging things; ok, a lot of other blogger stuff, and other stuff. Blog commenting, helping clients, guest posting, promoting stuff, writing content for my blog, selling stuff, balancing 3 spinning plates on chop sticks, running daily, motorbiking through the treacherous farmlands of Jimbaran, Bali, swimming at the beach, evicting baby scorpions from the house, competing with monitor lizards for the villa pool, trying to prevent dogs from killing chickens, helping to kill spitting cobras, and all the other average, ho-hum, hum-drum, Plain Jane stuff a pro blogging, island hopping guy like me-self does.


I took my dips here. So did a monitor lizard. Hey; it was Bali.


How I organize my blogging day heavily influences my blogging efficiency.


Wanna know the practical tips I follow to be an efficient blogger?


Even more importantly; do you wanna know how to organize your blogging day for maximum efficiency?


Well then my friends, grab my eBook titled:


How to Organize Your Blogging Day for Maximum Efficiency


The Problem


You are busy as hell (How busy is hell, really?).


I get that.


I change time zones like most people change their minds.


All while being a full time, pro blogger.


I hear ya.


So the question is: how do you organize your blogging duties to be in tip top efficient shape while navigating a busy online and offline life.


This eBook lists specifically how you can set up your blogging day to effectively and efficiently build a thriving blogging business.


Distractions be damned!


Being your own blogging boss can be a biatch. Biddulph knows (He is also well aware of his assinine alliteration). But this blogging ebook gives you a framework for setting up your blogging work day, to make being your own boss easier.  So that it’s actually fun, fulfilling and rewarding to lay out tasks that you successfully complete as you head toward your blogging goals.


Benefits of Reading the Book


Become efficient.


Become effective.


All by learning how to organize your blogging day intelligently and profitably.


Life will intervene. I get it. Sick kids. Busy social schedule. Dog’s got the runs. And you gotta be on point to ensure he doesn’t drop a few runny Texas Yule Logs on the carpet.


Instead of sprinting around like a blogging chicken with your head cut off when circumstances try to make you toss out your blogging tasks for the day (or week), by reading this eBook you learn how to:


  • set up your blogging tasks for the day with an eye on efficiency and effectiveness
  • think and act efficiently by choosing your most freeing driver
  • block your tasks to be like clockwork in all you do
  • energize yourself for a sometimes draining blogging day
  • uncover and use the Double C’s
  • keep fam and friends from distracting you from your blogging tasks
  • obey the Bomb Rule of Blogging
  • enjoy the blogging ride to become efficient like a free-willing, fun-loving blogger, not some lame blogging automaton


I may appear to be robotic in all I do. But I am far from a blogging cyborg.


I wrote this eBook to help you become an efficient blogger in fluid, fun, loosey-goosey fashion.


Force negates. Tension sucks. Rigidity constricts and kills.


Power, love, fun and fluidity are qualities which promote machine-like efficiency, whether through blogging or any life endeavor.


Who the eBook Is for




That’s a joke.


This eBook is an ideal read for:


  • busy part time bloggers with full time jobs
  • busy pro bloggers
  • new bloggers
  • successful bloggers who want to streamline their efforts


The Cover Story


I snapped this cover image in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Kelli and I spent a month in this mysterious, fascinating city in 2013.


This is where I was attacked not by one, but by two wild men.


I had to mention that.





1: Make Freedom Your ONE Goal

2: Block Your Tasks

3: Break for 5 Minutes on the Hour

4: Focus on the Double C’s

5: Establish Home Office Hours (Allow NOBODY In!)

6: Spend 20 to 30 Minutes on Personal Development (on Waking)

7: Establish Off Hours

8: Obey the Bomb Rule of Blogging

9: Trim the Blogging Fat

10: Study the Efficient to Become Efficient

11: Have Fun Darn it!


The eBook


Here you are, you blogging superstar.


Buy How to Organize Your Blogging Day for Maximum Efficiency


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Cool Rajesh. Keep on practicing. Getting clearer on writing and practicing helps those words flow smoothly.

  2. Rajesh Rai Says:

    My typing speed is just an average still I recently wrote about 10000 words for an article. It takes a lot to write a perfect post!

  3. No worries George; 5 1K word articles weekly rocks dude. I will, and you do my friend, keep it up!

  4. George Chen Says:

    Awesome article Ryan! One 6,000 word eBook every single day over 3 months? And here I sometimes have difficulty pumping out 5 1000 word articles per week haha.

    Anyways, real inspirational Ryan. Keep it up!

  5. Cool Konkan sounds great.

  6. Thank you Prince much appreciated bro!

  7. Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for the live video on Facebook. Too many blogging tasks to handle can in order to become successful blogging and to achieve our goals. From the chapters, I believe the book is good like you are. Thanks for sharing, and for the attack, thank God you are still alive. Listen, you ain’t going dumb or dying anytime soon.

    God bless you, Ryan.

  8. Konkan Says:

    10,000 words? I never tried it before. I write around 1000 words max. But yes writing long content works. Now, I’m going to add more valuable content to all my blog post and make it interesting.

  9. Coca Cola is pretty dang tasty Jub. I enjoy a can here and there 🙂

  10. Jub Says:

    Yea, that’s fair. I’m getting close to that point where everything is healthy, just not quite there. Perhaps I’m trying to be too perfect…damn Coca COla ahha

  11. I just love writing Bryce so I keep on writing 🙂

  12. 10,000 words daily wow! How do you have the time to write so much? You must be a really good typer.

  13. I just want to keep that writing momentum going Rhonda. Like a big old snowball building into an avalanche.

  14. Yep those posts feel intimidating sometimes. As for the writing though Susan I love churning out those words. But I had to unearth many mental blocks to get to this point.

  15. Vish always my pleasure buddy.

  16. Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for writing this great post. I really like the way you write the article and educate people. I have learned many things from you regarding blogging. Your tips and tricks are always very helpful and help me to grow my blog. Thanks for creating this awesome blog.

    Have a great day 🙂

  17. Susan R Says:

    I’m impressed at how many words you managed to write in one day! I find that I get easily distracted and sometimes even housework seems like a more appealing prospect than writing a post ;-). Your eBook certainly sounds like it has lots of tips to help with procrastination

  18. Rhonda Albom Says:

    That’s a lot of words in a day. Sort of blows NaNoWriMo away. I think I better start better care of myself.

  19. I like that Sue; when it gets cooler, we avoid the large apex slithery predators 😉 but it is also a great time to get down to writing like mad. Thanks for your comment, as always!

  20. Sue Says:

    Ryan You know why I love coming to your blog? Because you make me laugh. Well you have a ton of great advice but it’s not just boring blah, blah, blah. You make like fun while kicking people in the butt to get busy and get at it. Now thankfully winter has arrived in Canada and so no pythons slithering about the snow eating small animals. Well that doesn’t happen in the summer either but a bit easier to sit at the desk and type like a mad person.

  21. I have no idea Jub, but it is fast 😉 Really though; I can only write 10K a day because I take care of myself mentally, physically and spiritually. My morning routine, exercise and diet allow me to do this. Most folks try to do it the other way around and burn out….like the old me.

  22. Jub Says:

    10,000 words is no joke! It would appear as though you were healthy enough in all your all round life.

    What’s your typing speed out of interest?

  23. I left a thought.