Ordering Food at a Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant in Chiang Mai Thailand

Lunch at Nuson Vegetarian Restaurant in Chiang Mai Thailand for $1.28.


Kelli and I enjoy Buddhist vegetarian fare from a delightful little Jai restaurant in Chiang Mai every day. Save Sundays; day off for the owners.


The Nuson Vegetarian Cafe is one of the best – if not the best – vegetarian restaurants in a city brimming with world class veg eateries.


Delicious fare of course but the serving sizes, clean environment and cheery disposition of the owners makes this place the winner of winners.


We walked 35 minutes every day in stifling heat from Chiang Mai Riverside to this haunt when living there and commute over 20 minutes each way daily from Pong Noi to enjoy this meal daily.


Definitely well worth the trip for a tasty treat.


I instantly drop 5 pounds immediately after landing in Chiang Mai. Not because I flew into town. My arms would be tired if this were the case. But because I feast at this cozy little spot in a quiet Thai neighborhood regularly.


We found the place after getting lost. This is always the case for us; brilliant eats are unexpected eats, rarely reviewed on high profile sites, well off the beaten path.


A few tourists may know about these spots with a handful of expats.


Other than that it’s a local affair.


Works for me.


I filmed Kelli and I ordering our daily bread – in our limited and funny farang Thai – at Nuson recently.


Super quick video.


Hit the “play” button and enjoy.