Do You Seek a Big Blogging Audience or the Right Readership?

  August 5, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Opotiki, New Zealand


(Updated 8/5/2022)


I chuckled looking at my active subscriber base a few moments ago.


You would, too.


Ample people read Blogging From Paradise, casually find it through various channels or stumble upon the blog by accident. But only a few folks actively open my emails, click links and read my blog posts. However….don’t cry for me, Argentina! 


The few active email subscribers who check out my emails:


  • publish genuine comments
  • retweet posts
  • share posts on Facebook
  • share posts on LinkedIn
  • boost backlinks by linking to Blogging From Paradise
  • invite me to guest post on their blogs


5, 10 or 20 human beings who love your blog and brand do the work of 10,000 or 20,000 or even 100,000 disinterested email subscribers who barely open emails, never promote you and never buy your stuff.


Check out this video to see what I mean:


Do Not Seek a Big Audience Seek the Right Audience


I have mentioned my friend David Boozer many times because he is one of my few active email subscribers. David is a highly successful blogger who tirelessly promotes me, endorses me and he has also purchased virtually all of my blogging tips eBooks, in addition to buying my course and hiring me to coach him.


David does the work of a 10,000 subscriber email list because his huge, highly targeted community finds Blogging From Paradise through his efforts. In essence, David is so generous in mentioning my blog that I feel as though I am partially emailing his list, too, as I publish posts and email my list. At last count, at least 10 bloggers from David’s community:


  • found me through David’s generous promoting of me
  • emailed me or reached out to me to let me know that they found me through David
  • EASILY suggest that a lot more than 10 people found me from his community; for every person who reaches out, 2, 5 or 10 people remain lurkers forever remaining quiet in the cyber background


Alonzo Pichardo among others has connected with me through David. Alonzo is another pro’s pro who helped expand my reach by generously promoting me through his blog, podcasts and social media.


I never would have aligned with David or Alonzo if I tried to get a big blogging audience versus attracting the right blogging readership. Bloggers greedily or desperately chase big numbers. But numbers cannot do anything. A few loyal human beings who love your work bring you to heights you never could have imagined. But these power brokers find you ONLY if you give 100% attention and energy to the right readers.


Target to Succeed


A few active email subscribers seemingly joined the company Blogging From Paradise Inc.


A few active email subscribers serve the role of generous employees who increase BFP:


  • traffic
  • profits
  • exposure
  • business


through tirelessly promoting me and my blog.


I do not pay these few folks a salary; I offer helpful content delivered via email. But having, in essence, a company-environment of a few email subscribers expands my presence quite nicely. I do not need more subscribers! I have the right few readers who build my presence beautifully.


1 in 100 bloggers understands that hyper targeting and attracting a few loyal readers beats desperately or greedily building a big audience of non-targeted, disinterested readers. Caring humans grow blogs. Disinterested numbers do nothing.


1 in 100 bloggers understands that hyper targeting and attracting a few loyal readers beats desperately or greedily building a big audience of non-targeted, disinterested readers. Caring humans grow blogs. Disinterested numbers do little to nothing.Click To Tweet


I basically have a company of a few rabidly loyal, powerful email subscribers through my mental targeting. Other bloggers have 3000 email subscribers who do little to nothing because the 3000 humans who volunteered their email care not about the blogger’s blog.


You do not need more. Stop worshipping more Get hyper clear on targeting your blog readership and list to attract the right, loyal subscribers who put your blogging growth into the stratosphere.


Do not seek more readers. Hyper target, frequently serve and bond with a few loyal readers who collectively do the work of a huge email list of non-targeted, disinterested users.


25 loyal blogging power brokers do the work of 100,000 disinterested email subscribers.


Loyal Readers Multiply Your Readership


A few loyal readers:


  • promote your posts
  • drive referral business
  • grow brand awareness


to multiply your readership through their patient efforts.


Small readerships become large readerships via a loyal fan base that tirelessly promotes your work.


The big blogging audience arrives after you target the right readership.


The big blogging audience arrives after you target the right readership.Click To Tweet


First, you patiently solve one reader problem by sticking to one niche. Highly-targeted readers gradually find your blog posts. Happy readers who enjoy your content share your blog with their tribes. As their tribes see your blog you slowly but surely gain a huge, highly-targeted audience via organic growth.


Stop chasing big numbers.


Target your blogging campaign to dial in to the right readers.


Allow these loyal readers to grow a large, loyal following through their persistent promotional efforts.


Do your blogging job.


Let loyal, targeted readers do their blogging job.


When your cumulative efforts meet you slowly but surely gain a huge, highly-targeted blog following.


Doesn’t it sound fun to have the best of both blogging worlds?

  1. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 10:27 pm

    This is great, Ryan. It’s so true. Build an audience of the RIGHT people. 50,000 monthly visitors to your site doesn’t mean anything if they bounce after 30 seconds and never talk about your brand.

    It’s much more effective to build relationships with the people who love your brand, who are all about sharing your content, and who are ready to help you rock your blog through word of mouth. Great article (shared tomorrow in my Twitter feed)!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:56 am

      Anthony, thanks a bunch buddy. Having a loyal readership does wonders for our blogs. Great example too of high traffic blogs with sky high bounce rates; per ego stroker but does nothing for becoming successful or helping people for that matter.

  2. Hossou AGBO says:
    at 7:17 am

    Merci infiniment pour l’aider que tu nous apportes au travers de cet article je vais l’appliquer à la lettre et te reviens pour la suite Ryan!

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