Do You Overlook or Cling to Non Blogging Matches?

  May 21, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Imagine someone finding your blog.


After finding your blog the individual drops 160 spam comments.


Do you overlook the spam? Or does the spam annoy you? Do you overlook the individual? Or does the individual annoy you?


How about people who ask for money via Facebook? Do you overlook the individual? Or do you cling to the person? Do you explain yourself to everyone who asks questions or offers opinions? Or do you overlook most of these folks? Do you cling to anyone who asks you blogging questions? Do you feel guilty if you overlook their questions? Do you fear losing something or someone if you overlook their questions?


The problem is in your unconscious mind NOT in their behavior.


The world simply acts out your unconscious beliefs.


Almost all new bloggers make the common error of cling to people best overlooked. Why? Fear. Beginner bloggers fear missing out. New bloggers fear missing out on:


  • readers
  • clients
  • customers


New bloggers fear being criticized. Beginner bloggers fear being judged.


If someone asks you what your freelance writer rates are but you stopped freelance writing 8 years ago just overlook the message. Scan for 2 seconds. Move on forever.


You do not owe people anything. Overlook non-matches. Stop clinging to non-matches. Give 100% of your attention and energy to people who love what you do. Build a loyal tribe. Grow a thriving blogging business.


You Do Not Owe Anybody Anything


You and I live in abundance.


No shortages exist, save in the insane ego with its illusory fears.


Being fully abundant, no one needs anything. Most of all, no one owes anybody anything.


What happens if you do not reply or respond to a critic who intends to start a fight with their feedback? Nothing. Life goes on. Eventually the critic disappears, sooner than later. What happens if someone does not pay you. Nothing. Either your ego and its non-abundant fears and worshipping of scarcity tries like hell to get the money or you accept abundance and move on to people who:


  • pay promptly
  • love what you do
  • buy your stuff
  • hire you
  • become brand advocates


Give All Energy to People who Love You and Your Blog


Where your energy goes, grows.


Give all energy to people who love:


  • you
  • your blog
  • how you help
  • what you do
  • your niche


to grow your blogging business.


Of course, this advanced blogging strategy feels highly uncomfortable to follow if you are new to the concept. Hundreds of Messages go unread and untouched in my Facebook inbox because I overlook non-matches to make room for people who love my blogging and travel advice. At first, overlooking people outside of my niches felt uncomfortable. Guilt arose. Fear of loss seem triggered. I also feared being criticized.


However, observing each unconscious fear allowed the fears to dissolve. Dissolving these fears of loss, criticism and failure goaded me to give all love to people who loved me, my blogging tips and travel tips. Dissolving these fears also trained me to overlook everyone else.


Stop Clinging to People Who Do Not Co-Create Blogging Success for All


Advanced, professional bloggers develop the skill of engaging only folks who co-create blogging success for all.


Everyone else usually clings to people who do not co-create blogging success for all.


Stop clinging to:


  • annoying critics the ego wants to debate
  • non-resonant folks whom the ego wishes to offer explanations
  • the need to explain yourself to everyone
  • the need to respond to everyone
  • the need to reply at all
  • old customers who moved in a different direction
  • old clients who moved in a different direction


Go to where you are loved. Go to people current with your blog. Overlook all else.


Forgive the world. Let go fear. Release relationships dripping with fear.


Overlooking or forgiving simply means moving on immediately without engaging. Is that really so hard? Do you really find it difficult to stop wasting time and energy because you want to avoid feeling:


  • guilty?
  • angry?
  • agitated?
  • scared?
  • defensive?
  • judged?
  • rejected?


Most bloggers waste most of their day because they do not want to experience freeing success by embracing uncomfortable emotions triggered when they move on.


Spend your day engaging people who love what you do.


Overlook everyone else.


Spend your day engaging people who fit your current vision.


Stop explaining yourself to the person who wants to know why you blogged about a different topic 12 years ago.


Stop explaining yourself….period!


We live in abundance.


The other party can figure it out or simply move on!

  1. Eri says:
    at 10:03 am

    Thank you for this advice Ryan. There are people contacting me who want to guest blog for me and when ask them for their thoughts they tell me some ideas that are totally irrelevant to my niche. Once I tell them that I do not think they fit with my content they judge me as too picky or bitch… makes me sad but it shouldn’t.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:19 pm

      No worries, Eri. You are being clear and truthful with them and they are reflecting your fears back to you. It is a beautiful process that will help you overlook-forgive-release their fear projections (you are picky, you are a bitch, etc) so you can maintain your peace of mind.

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