Why Blogger Pitch Emails Usually Do Not Work and the Foolproof Solution

  June 14, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


I scanned my email a few moments ago.


I spotted a common blogger pitch email error that almost never works. Every time you pitch a pro blogger you better spot and correct this error or else you will waste years of precious blogging time and energy.


A series of bloggers led off pitch emails with this specific, word-by-word, line:


“I am interested in writing for your blog.”


Unfortunately, 10,000 other human beings have emailed me the same exact words, dripping with the same exact interest. 10K bloggers or freelancers have been interested in writing for my blog. But I did not know any of them personally. None of them established a relationship with me. Not one of them earned my trust. Why would I offer them a guest posting spot based on interest alone?


Can you imagine:


  • calling the LA Lakers front office and explaining how you are interested in getting a tryout with the NBA team?
  • walking into med school and explaining to appropriate parties how you are interested in getting your MD degree immediately?
  • walking into a bank and expressing a deep interest to the teller that you would like $1 million not sitting within your bank account?


Each of these ideas sounds insane to the sane, clear thinking human being. But for odd reasons, the idea of believing that feigning interest in a guest posting opportunity opens the door to said opportunity is just as insane when the blog is:


  • well-read
  • established
  • built by a blogger with 13 years of experience


Unfortunately, most guest post pitchers are not thinking sanely, clearly and mindfully. Otherwise, they would never pitch in such silly fashion.


Perhaps my blog is not akin to getting a tryout with an NBA team, landing your medical degree or gaining access to $1 million in cash (pure profit) but I gave 13 years of my life to developing the skill of blogging and offered 7 years building Blogging From Paradise to what it is, today. Would you give 13 years to developing a skill and 7 years to building a blog then simply say:


“Oh, you are interested in guest posting? Fascinating; 10,000 other strangers sent me the same email. Sure! Have it at! Here are your log-in details and guest posting guidelines. I will approve and publish after you submit. Enjoy!”


Sane tellers do not give $1 million to any interested party, sane front office execs do not offer NBA tryouts sight-unseen, and sane institutions do not offer MDs to students on the spot, without students putting in 1 second of study.


Humans WORK to EARN those accolades-gifts-blessings.




The Lakers front office drafts and offers contracts to ballers who gave 1,000’s of practice hours to developing NBA-level skills. Only 300 plus human beings on planet earth have NBA skills. Folks who get their MD spend years in school learning medicine. Almost all people who acquire large sums of money spend 1000’s of hours developing skills to receive the money.


Any blogger who lands guest posts on established blogs:


  • spent 1000’s of hours practicing writing
  • spent 1000’s of hours creating content and building connections with established bloggers in their niche
  • spent 1000’s of hours building their blogs into respected content portals


Bloggers earn the right to gain backlinks through guest blogging. Earning the right consumes years of your attention and energy. Work to succeed. Put in the time by genuinely creating and connecting for years. Guest post invites flow to creative, connected bloggers who earned the right to guest post on top blogs.


The Foolproof Solution


Spend 1000’s of hours:


  • creating helpful content solving reader problems
  • helping influential bloggers in your niche and asking for nothing in return
  • building your blog into a respected, trusted resource in your niche


to land guest posts on authority blogs


Gain credibility. Earn trust. Be respected. Land guest posting gigs on rocking blogs.


Naturally, most bloggers who read the above bullet points resist following the advice for:


  • much work goes into developing blogging skills; one must write and publish blog posts diligently to go pro
  • much fear need be faced, embraced and released as you develop those skills
  • the poisonous energies of fear, greed and rank desperation need to be conquered to reach these lofty blogging levels
  • humans tend to be mentally lazy, physically sloth-ful, programmed to want something for nothing and averse to the idea of exiting their comfort zone


Either you follow foolproof advice and land guest posts or you do not, and rarely if ever land guest posts.


Thinking from Fear Deludes You


Deluded pitchers think from fear. Thinking from fear focuses you solely on yourself, you needs and your desires, and blinds you from the perspective of other human beings, namely established bloggers who run respected blogs.


Thinking from fear moves the focus from people to help towards your problems. Think this idea through for even a moment. Every human who ponders any idea through the lens of fear cares less about fellow human beings. Being in the state of fear, thoughts immediately drift to the human being who generates the fear. Fear makes you think about yourself. Think about yourself immediately moves the focus away from thinking about fellow bloggers. How can you clearly think about fellow bloggers and how to best benefit them if you think solely about yourself? Impossible.


Thinking about your fears and self moves the focus from thinking through other’s perspectives to thinking about fulfilling your own interests. Admittedly, I made this error for many years as a blogger. I need to guard against the idea now. Thinking about my money and boosting my profits goaded me to push my offerings versus helping you and assisting fellow bloggers. Perhaps I never went the email pitch route but I did err in putting my interests above the interests of fellow human beings.


I did learn my lesson. Now I predominantly think clearly about helping others and try to put me and my intimately personal fears in the rear view window.


Your Interests Versus What Others Think


I would never in 50 billion years email Good Morning America with an interest in getting featured on the TV show to access 20 million viewers because I think from the perspective of the folks at GMA; they seek world-famous human beings to feature. I am currently not world famous. I am thinking from THEIR perspective, NOT my interests.


Face, feel and release fears to be less deluded. Put yourself in the shoes of established bloggers you pitch. Thinking from THEIR perspective – not YOUR narrow fears – would you offer someone a guest posting gig on your well-read, authority, trusted blog based on THEIR interest and links to 3-4 guest posts on unknown blogs? Nope. As a pro blogger you would only place guest posts from:


  • trusted
  • credible
  • leading
  • authority


bloggers who put in the 1000’s of creating and connecting hours necessary to go pro.


Create and Connect


Create. Connect. For a long time. Allow guest post invites to flow to you; yep, no need to pitch anyone when you become omnipresent in your blogging niche.


Did you ever consider the fact that bloggers can actually bring opportunities to you versus you sprinting after bloggers to seize opportunities they may or may not offer you? Follow the above tips. Stop thinking of yourself from energies of fear. Face, feel and release your fears. Focus instead of meeting the needs of fellow bloggers as you hug, feel and release your fears.


Hands down, helping fellow bloggers and expecting nothing in return is the direct way to gain all guest posting invites you could ever dream of. Assist bloggers. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Promote their posts through your blog. Retweet their blog posts. Share their blog posts on Facebook. Expect nothing in return. Polish your blogging skills through patient, persistent practice.


In due time, some of these bloggers befriend you. Blogging buddies promote you, endorse you and even invite you to submit guest posts to their blogs. Doesn’t that sound like a smart way to blog? Be generous, patient and persistent. Allow guest posting opportunities to fall into your lap.




Blogger pitch emails rarely work because bloggers think of self in fear versus serving fellow bloggers from love, generosity and authenticity.


Before you email another professional blogger the same blanket pitch message copied and pasted with its generic tone, help fellow bloggers. Comment genuinely on their blog posts. Promote their posts through your blog and through social media.


This is the fool proof way to gain guest post invites.


Help fellow bloggers. Ask for nothing in return. Gain their trust. Gain invites to guest post on respected blogs.

  1. Shehraj Singh says:
    at 10:41 am

    Moral of the story: Create, Connect, Help with nothing in return. That’s the way it works.

    While reading this post, I reminded of the day when I reached out to you regarding writing a guest post on this blog. I was unclear.

    After that, I did intensive research on this topic then figured out foundations. If I’ve to summarize them, this post is enough!

    Thanks Ryan for this awesome guide.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:49 pm

      We experience much blogging fun through creating and connecting. Thanks a bunch for reading and sharing Shehraj 🙂

  2. Don says:
    at 2:36 pm

    My standard reply to these if I reply at all includes the price for advertising with us :).

  3. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 3:53 pm

    Hi Ryan, Oh my goodness, I can relate, and especially those that don’t even call you by your name, those go right into the trash now. But now, so many are looking to collaborate today. That’s the fancier version I’m afraid.
    And many keep on sending emails when you don’t respond as well.
    Your advice is right on though, get to know them first and be engaged with them. I have it right on my website now for contributors. Anytime anyone asks, I point them to that page now 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:16 pm

      Checking email and seeing this seeming assault can be a bit much Lisa LOL! Someone told me that since they saw my guest posting was open, how they wanted to submit a guest post. I replied explaining how my guest posting page notes guest posting is closed then directed her to my blogger outreach link for a traffic boost. But other folks generally get blocked, muted, trashed, whatever.

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