Have You Visited Newberry County South Carolina?

  January 24, 2022 travel posts 🕑 4 minutes read

Newberry County South Carolina


We rented an apartment perched above a farm house in remote Newberry County South Carolina.


This region is farms, fields, forests and a scant few residences. I am talking desolate. Like, cryptids live here type desolate.


Traveling here involved spending 45 minutes digging deeper into the rural low country region of South Carolina. At around 7 PM on a busy Saturday evening, I saw no more than 5 cars over a 45 minute stretch of driving through the wilderness. I did see a fox though and quite a few lonely, pitch-black side streets leading to nowhere. Toss in towering pine trees and a few residences strewn in between and you have the eye candy for our trip.


Locals live in modest homes spaced out generously. Expect to see your fair share of pick up trucks.


The few souls we encountered were friendly, warm and inviting. The people we rented from were kindly individuals who ran a working farm. The husband all but apologized if the place was tough for us to find but I gratefully explained how I loved spending time in remote areas; spots like here and the Adirondacks are right up my traveling alley.


I ran 25 minutes down the road from the homestay to see…..nothing related to civilization. No houses. No farms. No humans. No cars traveled down the county road during my hour long cardio session. I did spy 3 turkey vultures who appeared to be a harbinger of things to come for me if I trudged down the lonely country road for a bit more. I also spotted a 30 vulture feeding-frenzy-orgy the day prior that rivalled a Serengeti slaughter scene as the birds picked apart a deer voraciously, bickering amongst themselves for the choicest rotting, stinking, festering morsels.


Newberry County South Carolina


Newberry County is roughly 1 hour northwest of Columbia and a bit over an hour southeast of Greenville. Picture the heart of South Carolina from a geographic perspective. As far as a taste of this experience, you will be far more likely to meet an alien today, to shake its hand, and to agree on being inspected for your reproductive abilities via said alien than you would meet a human being heading northwest from this farm house.


Ditto for encountering humans along a few of the local trailheads.


Kelli and I hiked at a picnic area a few hundred meters from a Sasquatch sighting a few years ago. We saw no humans for miles around. No people live in residences save a select few for miles upon miles around this remote region.


Hunting seems big here. Any spot boasting a deer processing center is serious about hunting and venison, I reckon. Churches are big here. Per our trip to rural Pennsylvania, some towns seem to have more churches than human beings.


At last count, Pomaria, South Carolina lists 179 inhabitants. 181 meat suits for our 3 day trip to the region.


Newberry County South Carolina


What Is There to Do Here?


Hikes abound.


The region shows off beautiful forests, rolling fields and few human beings to elbow out of the way on the trail head.


Our hike through Molly’s Rock Recreation area was short, sweet, easy and in complete solitude. Challenging hikes greet you in all directions. All depends on your personal preference.


Sumter National Park sits close by. This 300,000 plus acre remote wilderness offers rifle range, camping, fishing and hunting options.


Newberry County South Carolina


For us, the trip was more about R and R and less about running around like headless chickens. Blogging consumes a fair amount of my time and energy. I love helping people freely but also need time to pull back for unwinding. Newberry County is the ideal place for chilling like a villain and to make the place even more attractive, the place is a quick 90 minute drive from a major metropolitan center in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Kelli and I had completed a 10 day house sit before arriving in Newberry County. We selected a stop about halfway between our house sit in Aiken, South Carolina and Charlotte.


Spending a few days on the farm meant:


  • relaxing with the mammoth-sized flock protectors; one was an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix and the other was a Great Pyrenees
  • observing the cattle, goats and sheep munch on vegetation as the run rose
  • thinking through my blogging campaign to maximize its effectiveness
  • hiking the grounds on this expansive farm
  • listening to the odd sounds of the night and more familiar coyote howls


I did hear one call frequently at night I seemed unable to identify. Perhaps it was a bull trumpeting its dominance or a pack of coyotes yipping victoriously in a small valley but an incredibility loud, intense projection unfolded each night during our stay. I have no idea if it was known local wildlife, livestock or a cryptid that most people choose to ignore…..because if you ignore cryptids, these beings do not exist, right?


Newberry County South Carolina


Newberry County could be a solid jump off point for the aforementioned Columbia or Greenville locations. Or perhaps you may head north toward Ashville in North Carolina. Charleston sits a bit to the south. Myrtle Beach is close enough in the north. Georgia and Florida seem close enough for day trip fare.


Whatever you decide to do, take some time to enjoy the peace, quiet and relaxation of Newberry County in South Carolina. No one paid me to write this. I just know good old, down home, serene living when I see it and invite you to unplug from the matrix for a bit, too.


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