Successful Blogging Lessons: 5 of Em from Eating Guava in New Zealand

April 12, 2018
Fresh picked guava in Opotiki, New Zealand. I am surprised I didn’t finish the whole container before snapping a photo.


Juice dribbled down my chin.


Slobbing from Paradise.


Who knew fresh guava tasted so good?


I had the boxed juice kind in NJ a few times. Bleh. Underwhelming.


But when the neighbor here in Opotiki, New Zealand offered me a bowl full of fresh guava I was all in.


Delicious. Juicy. Fleshy. Sweet but tart. Heaven.


Being the weirdo I am, I learned 5 blogging lessons from nibbling on these luscious little fruits.


Soak up these lessons to rock out your blogging campaign.


Grab a napkin too.


1: Accept Sweet With Tart


I love tarts. Fruits. Please; I’m married.


Sweet fruits work for me too.


Some meat suits love sweet. Hate tart. But fresh guava picked from the tree *pop* in terms of sweet and tart flavors. Gotta accept the tart with sweet to embrace the experience.


Blogging-wise, the love and fun you experience from running a rocking blog and from becoming a full time blogger tastes sweet. But the tartness of struggle, sometimes failure, and doing freeing but highly uncomfortable things feels tart sometimes. Or feels sucky.


Accept the sweet with the tart. No way to avoid sucky moments on this journey. Part of the drill.


2: Homegrown Tastes Best


The neighbor picked about 30 little guava. Handed them to me over the fence. Eyes showing only, like Wilson from Home Improvement.


I enjoyed immediately. Immensely. Farm to table fare. Grown with love. Organically. Sun, rain, watering, perfect soil.


Best guava I ever tasted.


Ditto for your self-hosted WordPress blog, grown with helpful content generously created, meaningful friendships and loving patience.


Your home-based blog will be one of the best blogs folks taste because it is cyber farm to table. Done the right way.


3: Seasons, Grasshopper, Seasons


Young Blogging Padawan, listen closely; blogging is seasonal. Growing season. Prepping season. The cycle continues. Forever. Or at least until planet earth vanishes.


I enjoyed delicious goodness sinking my fangs into the juicy, delectable guava. But the formation of tasty guava occurred over years.


The bush took root and grew over years, forming the foundation for the delightful fruit to grow. But a second level of growing occurred; season to season. The prior growing season lasted months before the harvest.


Good guavas – and things – take time. Seasons folks, folks.


People will enjoy your content, your courses, your eBooks and services. In time. But good things take time because all growth occurs seasonally.


Before your content and profits harvest you will:


  • build a solid foundation by buying your domain and hosting
  • shine sun on your blog by creating helpful, targeted content generously
  • add rain – or perhaps some hose watering – to the blog by promoting other bloggers to foster strong bonds


Growing season lengths vary from blogger to blogger. Blog with love. Help folks. Build bonds. Harvesting season will arrive; always does.


4: Heed the Seeds


Guava seeds are edible. Crunchy little buggers. I dig ’em.


But I also spit some out. Toss into compost. Create new soil and a new generation for guava. So other folks enjoy the guava, as the seeds take root, and grow.


See the seeds in your content. Each blog post benefits folks now but also plants helpful seeds for growing into something bigger, that people can enjoy tomorrow, or even 5 years down the road.


Most bloggers vibe from fear and scarcity, figuring 1 blog post is nothing, or worthless, or yields a finite return. Not true. 1 blog post is a seed that grows into something bigger, being consumed by an increasing number of readers. Each post is also a seed for your blog and brand, to take the analogy a bit beyond.


5: You Can Write About Anything And Tie It Into Your Niche


You may be suffering from writer’s block. I get it. Fear does its best to bitch slap you into submission.


But if I can wrote about how sinking my chompers into New Zealand guava makes you a better blogger you can write about anything.


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  1. Thanks so much Denise! That blogging with love bit is so fun, and quite prospering too. Moves us out of the fear zone. Have a great day šŸ™‚

  2. Denise Dixon Says:

    Another awesome post! My favorite nuggets, ā€œ Blog with love. Help folks. Build bonds.ā€ And Seeds. What terrific analogies. Iā€™m simply focusing on writing exceptional content. My blogging mission is to provide well written content that makes the science of wellness and health easy (and FUN) to understand. Not making a penny. Invested in a paid domain; editorial calendar with automation; another automation app; a Canva subscription for high quality images; various WP plugins; and an Amazon unlimited subscription so that I can read all of your books. I write whatever tickles my (scientific) fancy, from a place of love. You taught me that. THANK YOU!

  3. Ditto on the jam, taste and teeth LOL as my back left molar has been a wee sore after a recent noshing session. We have feijoas in the back and enjoyed a few last week Rhonda. Glorious!

  4. Rhonda Albom Says:

    Hi Ryan. I love those little strawberry guavas. They make great jam. My teeth don’t like the pits. They’re rock hard and will break dental work. Those green feijoas you have been seeing about? They’re also called pineapple guavas. New Zealand is a land of many flavours. Sort of like blogs.

  5. Anna Says:

    What a clever (and delicious) way to learn a lesson! And I’d say those “lessons” fit with more than just blogging… with life in general – tart (sour) moments and sweet moments, flourish with helpful friendship and love, have patience while working toward positive change, one thing has the possibility to grow into more, and let life inspire you and you can do anything!
    This was definitely a lesson for me in how to combat writers block, when it comes my way.

  6. Adam my full pleasure buddy. So happy to see you rocking out page 1 for “blogging” on Google. We all hit this block sometimes but finding inspiration on other blogs is the smart way to tackle this block.

  7. You could be Savita šŸ™‚ Honest to goodness I never saw let alone ate guava fruit. Poor juices were my limited exposure until a few days ago. Mangoes rock too buddy. Love ’em.

  8. Lol! These are pretty popular in my country.. I don’t eat them … Am i robbibg myself of blog inspiration lol
    I will see what happens with a mango

  9. Adam Connell Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Your 5th point really hit home.

    Had some issues with writers block lately. It’s made me think a lot about how I can tie other things back into my niche. Love how you pick out lessons from something seemingly unrelated and turn it into a 100% on point blogging lesson.

    Also, big thanks for linking to my post!

    – Adam

  10. I left a thought.