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  February 27, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Keel-billed toucan El Valle de Anton Panama

Keel-billed toucan El Valle de Anton Panama


For odd reasons, amateur bloggers – especially new bloggers – never give much thought to what happens after someone goes pro.


New bloggers picture riding into the sunset of passive blogging income, never working again or barely working again. In truth, setting up passive income channels, putting in the work over 10 years and blogging the right way can bring you oodles of passive traffic and passive profits. But pro bloggers still keep blogging well after pros become pros.


Few bloggers picture this aspect of blogging professionally. Most believe you sit back, relax, kick your feet up and never do a darn thing blogging-wise, again. Or most believe you do a little light blogging work here and there, all heavy blogging lifting over, for your blogging career.




Pro bloggers work quite a bit. Actually, pros who intend to continue expansion blog-work for many hours daily, for many years. Work just begins for big time pros after going pro because said professionals possess the skills, exposure and credibility to use their platform as a force for good in the world.


I observed a 15 year, top pro blogger profess he would still be blogging now even if he did not make a penny blogging over the 15 years prior. He has a passion for blogging. He blogs mainly for fun. Top flight pros blog mainly for fun to outlast and out distance every one else in their blogging niche.


Work continues after you go pro. Working 8-10 hour days – or longer – seems quite common for many pro bloggers. You better have a serious passion for blogging because expect to spend many 1000’s of days blogging, working and putting in time over 5, 10 then 15 years of your life.


Will you blog for 15,000 hours over 12 years if you do not have fun blogging? Perhaps if you are insane, a masochist, or someone who genuinely hates themselves, yes, maybe you will blog for 15,000 hours. But few humans harbor this level of self-hate or fear. Almost all bloggers who hate blogging, quit.


Passionate, loving bloggers who have fun blogging see the journey through their entire blogging career, well after these pros go pro. Think; unless you get sick of blogging you may blog for a longer time after becoming a pro than before you became a pro. Imagine blogging for 5 years before you go pro. Picture yourself blogging for 10 years after going pro. You better love blogging to keep blogging after experiencing increased, pro blogging success.


True; blogging gets easier and easier as your professional blogging skills increase. Plus, blogging feels lighter after your income covers all your basic needs, padding your savings quite nicely, in the process. Pro bloggers have an easier journey in many regards but only because pros put in all the hard, sometimes scary, fun and freeing work over the course of years. But you still need to keep blogging for a long time after going pro in order to build on your professional blogging success.


Factors to Keep in Mind


Keep two ideas in mind:


Building passive income effectively over a long period of time allows you to work less and less after you go pro; your profits build nicely based on a minimal effort, if you choose this route.


Your work load depends on your predominant intent; intending to experience comfortable success as a pro means putting in some work but intending to do something with massive scale means putting in serious work as a professional blogger.


For example, I added passive income elements to my blogging campaign to free myself from a set blogging work schedule. As I slowly increase my web presence I work less because the work I did and passive income channels free me from sitting behind a laptop. Keep this idea in mind to build a business asset versus spending an increasing amount of time working on your blog.


The end goal is to either sell the blogging business or make it completely passive as an income channel. Do you want to be pro blogging in your 80’s? I love blogging like the next guy or gal. But I will eventually step away from Blogging From Paradise entirely.


Being a pro blogger involves continuing to work. But lessen your workload gradually to divorce yourself from your daily blogging duties.


The point of this post is for beginner bloggers to understand that pro bloggers work quite a bit to keep growing and expanding until the pros either sell their blogs or migrate to a completely passive income model based on driving traffic like clockwork to solely passive income channels.


Pro blogging work continues until you sell your blog or fully master the art of driving traffic passively after year’s worth of generous, intelligent, mindful blogging executed with heavy leveraging in mind.




During one of my trips to Bali I shared 3 tips to help you transition from being an employee to being an entrepreneur.


Check out this video if you want to evolve into embodying the professional blogger mindset during your beginner blogger days.


3 Tips to Sprint from Employee to Entrepreneur

  1. SharlaAnn Matyjanka says:
    at 1:22 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    The great thing is, the better you get, the more you can do in less time. I think we all have these big ideas that we will get everything we want for nothing. Fortunately, some of us know better.
    Have a great week!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:01 pm

      The something for nothing urge seems to run deep in our minds, sometimes. But digging deep to reveal these fears manifest as greed and desperation helps bloggers develop qualities such as patience, persistence and being generous. Hitting on each characteristic goads us to practice blogging which lets us do more in less and less time. Practice makes better and better. The more we practice the more seamlessly we blog. Thanks SharlaAnn!

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