1 New Blogger Obstacle to Dissolve for Quick Growth

August 22, 2018

new blogger obstacle


New bloggers, you have all types of zany mental blocks to dissolve.


I know; I was a new blogger too, ya know?


New Blogger Obstacle


This obstacle, like all obstacles, is fueled by a mental block. Mental blocks are fears, manifest. Or, limiting beliefs. Or, complete and utter bullshit because fear is illusion and if you believe any fear you believe in an illusion. Something entirely untrue.


Humans pass mental blocks from person to person but few stop to observe and analyze these zany ideas. Look at Molly in the picture above. Do you think she has any mental blocks? Of course not. No stupid consciousness getting in the way. She goads me to feed her wet food every day we’re back home in NJ, going for what she wants, no illusory fears handcuffing her.


Being a bit more like Molly requires you to like fish from a can and also to be not so caught up in your mind and its limiting beliefs. Get out of your head. Get into your heart.


I explain how to address and dissolve this most common newbie blogger mental block in the video.


1 New Blogger Mental Block to Dissolve for Quick Growth


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