What Is New Blogger VIP JOAT Syndrome?

August 15, 2018
Nicosia, Cyprus
Nicosia, Cyprus


Picture a doctor.


He wants to be a podiatrist more than anything.


But after studying podiatry for 3 months he does not seek big financial potential with this discipline.


He decides to go into pediatrics. But 3 months later he bores of the discipline.


Time to be a male nurse.


He has skills from prior studies. But no discernable skills in any 1 discipline; not sticking around long enough.


Eventually he does away with medicine. Time to be a lawyer. Corporate law. Turns out to be too demanding; maybe a personal injury lawyer? Sounds good.


Said doctor-nurse-lawyer sums up a new blogger malady: VIP JOAT Syndrome.


This stands for Very Impatient Person Jack Of All Trades Syndrome.


How it Works


Promising new bloggers decide to blog. After 3 months of minimal effort, to virtually zero effort, said bloggers become very impatient with a general lack of results. No potential in blogging. So…..time to start podcasting.


After a few months of podcasting the grass is obviously greener as a freelance writer. Transition made.


After 1 year, the former blogger, podcaster and freelance writer with virtually zero skills in all areas – it takes years to become skilled in any 1 discipline – has nothing to show for their niche and business hopping ways.


Rampant impatience defeats new blogger enthusiasm once again.


How it Hurts You


I love you guys, but most new bloggers – me included – are bat shit delusional. God knows I was.


I genuinely believed I was skilled enough as a new blogger to appear on Oprah. Hey stop laughing! LOL….no, please laugh. I heartily chuckle with you.


Everybody who appeared on Oprah spent years or decades of their lives developing a single skill, dedicating much of their lives to a craft. If you devote 3 months of minimal effort toward blogging, then 6 to podcasting, then 4 months to freelance writing, how can you develop significant skills in any discipline? You can’t. But you did become a Jack Of All Trades type, incredibly common among very impatient new bloggers who may be unrealistic.


Think of School


Have you ever taken a new subject in school and mastered the subject in 3 months? To the point where you earn a full time income through the discipline and gain world renown too? Nope.


Blogging is the new subject. No way possible to master it in 3 months. Plus if you switch majors, you basically need to start all over again, to develop your core skills.


Blog. Then, when tempted to become a full time podcaster, keep blogging. Breathe in patience, breathe out impatience.


How to Add Skills to Blogging


After blogging full time hours (or close to it) for 6-12 months, consider adding a podcast or eBook to your blogging arsenal but as a part time, casual endeavor. Meaning 1 podcast per month, or a 6,000 word eBook.


By full time hours I do not mean earning a full time income. I mean blogging 4-8 hours daily in addition to your full time job. Full timers with families; this means blogging 2-4 hours daily during M-F and then really putting in some work on Saturday-Sunday.


You can do it! I believe in you. The journey gets uncomfortable at times but being really good at something goads you to let go old habits, activities and rituals that you need to release to become the skilled, budding pro blogger you are ready to become.


When you’ve genuinely built up serious blogger skills – you’ll know – consider slowing rolling out other channels for skill development.


I only became a highly skilled video guy after practicing my writing skills for years. I patiently focused on mastering blogging before adding my podcast, videos and eBooks.


Wrapping It Up


No way to be a GOAT – Greatest Of All Time – if you are a JOAT.


No way to become a full time blogger with a lame commitment to blogging.


Follow these tips. Be all in guys.


Be patient, persistent and passionate about blogging to build the foundation for a successful blogging career.


The eBook


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