How To Overcome A Damaging Form Of New Blogger Delusion

  April 8, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Newbie blogging sheeple are kinda deluded sometimes. Shout out to these Opotiki, New Zealand sheep posing for today’s featured image.


Would a fer de lanz lash out at me, sinking his ferocious fangs into my tender gringo flesh?


If so I’d be dead halfway towards town.


3 hours from town + fer de lanz bite = Bleeding From Paradise….until I left my mortal coil.


Kelli and I spent 6 weeks in remote Costa Rica jungle during a wild house sit. Late in the afternoon I would look for turmeric to add seasoning to din-din. Life’s great pleasure. Had little else to do.


I looked for the turmeric root in vicious venomous snake territory. Notorious fer de lanz snakes, sinister-looking eyelash vipers (Google these guys; they look like demons) and a host of poisonous insects called the jungle home.


The process was simple and quite easy since the turmeric grew in a small area; I would look around the banana trees until I found little orange roots. A wee bit of digging. Bingo! Turmeric payload.


For some odd reason, new bloggers delude themselves into thinking they can find success just as easily.


How Can I Find?


“How can I find affiliates for my product?”


“How can I find bloggers who would accept my guest posts?”


“How can I find sponsored post opportunities?”


I have spied said questions hundreds of times weeks prior between Quora and the Warrior Forum.


New bloggers or outright struggling bloggers believe success entails looking for something, digging around a few banana trees, and…voila! Turmeric found.


Ain’t gonna happen my little blogging sweet robbins.


Replace *Find* With *Earn*


“How do I earn affiliates?”


Aha! That makes sense. Rough-sounding BFP-speak but ya know by now who we roll.


Nobody finds affiliates by searching for affiliates. If blogging and affiliate marketing were so simple every blogger and affiliate would be Scrooge McDuck. Swimming in dubloons, resting on money, hording billions of dollars.


Successful bloggers find nothing.


Successful bloggers earn the right (through years of developing their skills) to:


  • attract affiliates
  • place guest posts on top blogs in your niche
  • have advertisers contact you to placed sponsored posts on your blog


Successful bloggers earn the right to become successful by:


  • spending years learning blogging
  • spending years practicing writing
  • spending years generously creating content
  • spending years building strong bonds with leaders by generously promoting these blogging pros


Now….Blogging Buddha speaks his wisdom….


You Cannot Find What You Did Not Earn


Young Blogging Grasshopper, come in close.


Young Blogging Padowan, lean in.


You cannot find what you did not earn.


One may say I found Alonzo Pichardo’s update about 80’s hip hop on Facebook, firing up a chat involving our mutual admiration of NYC rap during the 80’s, with said bond laying the foundation for the 170,000 listens to our online success chat podcast.


But the wise know; I earned the right to appear on his podcast because I gave 10 years of my life to learning blogging, creating generously and patiently connecting with blogging leaders.


A big time online coach heavy duty influencer didn’t invite me to chat with him by accident; I paid my online tuition by diligently developing my blogging skills for a decade. Ditto for Alonzo too. He has given a decade of his life to developing his online skills, rendering generous service, so he is wildly successful now. He did not publish a squeeze page and move into a mad dash to *find* opportunities and affiliates and team members and business partners a decade ago.


He earned his success through diligent, generous, persistently service, honing his skills to become the dynamo he is today.


The Source Of The Delusion


Finder’s Fear.


New bloggers fear spending time and energy learning and honing skills through persistent practice. Fear goads them to publish a shitty, content-thin blog – in most cases – and then ask folks how to “find” success.


If you sit in this rocky boat, I feel compassion for you. I am here to help you. But it’s time to hop off this sinking cyber ship to:


  • learn blogging from 1-2 top level blogging tips pros
  • write 1000 words daily in a Word document for practice
  • generously create helpful content across a wide range of online channels
  • generously connect with top blogging pros by promoting them and commenting genuinely on their blogs without looking for anything in return
  • patiently establish income streams resonant with your passions


You do not “find” affiliates, sponsored opportunities or business partners.


You earn ’em.


Over years.


Have you ever seen a doctor “find a successful practice?” They earn that shit. Over years. Developing skills.


Ditto for you, Young Blogging Padowans.


Pay your online tuition.


Devote years of your life to paying your online dues.


Earn your blogging success.

  1. Lisa P Sicard says:
    at 4:55 am

    Ryan, I love that word EARN not find….It does take time to acquire any skill. No one wakes up to be the greatest baseball player or actor one morning. It takes years of practice.
    I’ve seen so many bloggers come and go over the years – they just gave up.
    Loving what you do is so important too – you can become great at it from your passion.
    I can’t imagine hunting for turmeric root 🙂
    Have a great new week there Ryan!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:47 pm

      I was thinking the same thing about bloggers Lisa; wow we have seen many come and go. Some found a different passion but more give up, quitting because they did not understand the work entailed in making this gig grow. Thanks buddy. You too!

  2. Rhonda Albom says:
    at 12:49 am

    Oh yes, Ryan. Nothing is easy in blogging. Everything takes longer than you expect and you have to earn much of it. Hard work and perseverance is the payment. By the way, it looks a bit early for those lambs. Around here, they are timed for just after mid-winter. For reference, the “boys” were just removed from the “mob” a couple of weeks ago at the local park. Translation – the rams have done what they need to do to get spring lambs in time for Christmas. Isn’t farming interesting?

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:12 pm

      Oh OK Rhonda. So that is how they time it. Makes perfect sense and yes, farming is fascinating. Thanks much my friend.

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