Why Convince Blogging Fools if You Can Help Blogging Fans?

  October 18, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Pandawa Beach, Bali.


I would never go as far as calling them fools….but a small percentage of folks who friend requested me over the past week – amid 1000 new Facebook buddies I bonded with – acted silly.


I gave zero attention and energy to each person because I do not suffer….well….people acting foolishly. Nor would I ever attempt to convince a fool because fools think from fear. Fear cannot be rational. Fear cannot be logical. Fear cannot see clearly because fear is an illusion. Fear tunes into an alternate reality, light years away from the truth.


Stop trying to convince fools. Begin helping fans. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give energy to help fans. Observe more fans finding your blog. Accelerate your blogging success. Both you and I easily understand this blogging secret on an intellectual level. Logically, this truth makes sense. But emotionally, most people harbor enough fear to the point of NOT understanding, embodying and flat out living this core life truth.


Foolish people attempt to convince fools to see something the other party will always be blind to until one or both stop being foolish.


Foolish people attempt to convince fools to see something the other party will always be blind to until one or both stop being foolish.Click To Tweet


Observe politics. Observe religion. People try to make fellow people see something near and dear to the heart of the convincer. But two people wind up fighting over a point of contention.  Own being a fool for trying to convince fools, if you erred in this department, prior. Shift your attention and energy. Face fears. Help fans. Allow fan bases to grow. Accelerate your blogging success.


For example, I approved about 1000 Facebook friends over a handful of days. My prime intent is to help you: my loyal readers, my loving fans. YOU get most of my energy because helping fans allows more fans to join the Blogging From Paradise community. But imagine if I stopped helping you for even 1 hour today to spend 1 hour trying to convince:


  • desperate charity workers on Facebook
  • people desperate for love on Facebook
  • people desperate for business on Facebook


to love travel and blogging or to Like my travel and blogging updates on Facebook? Why convince a fool? Unless you intend to be a fool you better stop trying to make the blind, see. Shift your energy and attention. Appreciate loyal fans. Help people who love what you do to succeed online. Stop trying to convince people who are so lost in their fear, problems and struggles that they barely know that you exist.


Help fans. Succeed. Cease trying to convince anyone of anything for convincing reflects your fear-fueled foolishness back to you. Helping fans helps both parties; fans enjoy getting help and you enjoy greater blogging success. Plus, as your presence expands exponentially over 1000’s of service hours, perhaps even a few of those foolish types mired in fear come across your blog and decide to open up to your empowering, uplifting and invigorating teachings.


Fools become blind to helpful teachers. Fools ignore saviors. Foolish folks find their way not via your foolish convincing but by digging deeper into their mind to face, feel and release fear. Allow folks to find themselves organically, in their own time, via their own intimately personal decision. Help people who dig your blog. Feel good about inspiring readers. Allow your service and referral traffic to grow your blogging business slowly but steadily over the long haul.




I recorded this video from the floor….for reasons, I know not.


Check it out as I remind you to help fans and not to convince fools.


Never Convince Fools Help Fans

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