What Is the Movie Effect and How Does it Influence Your Blogging Actions?

  December 19, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read



The general population tends to be lost in the fog of delusion.


Being deluded means not being able to see reality or truth. Not seeing reality clouds your judgment because you foolishly trust appearances to blind yourself from truth.


Every one of us has seen a handful of movies about inspirational figures. You and I feel inspired by the lives of those who conquered fear to live their dreams. But unfortunately, every lifetime of 40, 50 or 80 years needs to be jam packed into 2 hours or less. Imagine trying to capture the essence of 80 years in 120 minutes?


Most people see a few highs, a few lows and nothing else during the 120 minutes in the cinema. Even more misleading? Most people remain completely deluded in not realizing the 10,000 or 20,000 or 30,000 hours or more of:


  • hard work
  • generous service
  • blood, sweat and tears


that was the CORE REASON why the person became inspirational solely because Hollywood cannot pack 20,000 work hours in 120 minutes.


I call this the Movie Effect.


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People see a movie in 120 minutes but never realize the 10,000 t0 20,000 or more hours required to be phenomenal, inspirational and a leader in your niche. In the blogging realm, aspiring or struggling bloggers observe a pro blogger living their dreams but rarely realizes the 10,000 blogging work hours required to live their blogging dreams. Bloggers see a picture of a guy in Fiji and snap judge the guy as being lucky in a split second but would never snap judge the blogger as being lucky if they realized the 15,000 work hours involved in making that dream a reality.


Be careful about calling a pro blogger:


  • lucky
  • gifted
  • talented
  • blessed


until you fully process the 10,000 plus hours involved in becoming a professional blogger. Imagine if you blogged for 10,000 hours. Would you call yourself lucky or gifted or a natural if you blogged for 10,000 hours to develop your skills?


Beware falling prey to the Movie Effect. Never judge a blogger’s success in a split second when thousands of hours of work, blood, sweat and tear went into experiencing that success. The ego creates blind spots fueling excuses to keep you struggling and failing. The ego deems a pro blogger as being lucky but luck does not exist in a precise Universe. Pros put in serious work to go pro. The reason why amateurs go pro is because they put in work. Being a natural or lucky has nothing to do with working for 15,000 hours.



Some people believe I am a natural on video but if these same people were around in 2007 when it took me 37 takes to record and upload a 4 minute YouTube video they would have said I was stiff, clunky, self-conscious and awkward. Do you see why being deluded blinds you from reality? Anyone who has some blogging skills worked their tails off for years upon years to become skilled. No one receives a polished skill by birthright.




What Is the Movie Effect and How Does it Influence Your Blogging Actions?


Video Transcript


What is the movie effect with blogging? I know I’ve gone into this in the past but it’s really important to focus on this idea guys. In the movies, they condense a life story for a hero or some person who has done a phenomenal thing in 2 hours or under so that’s 60, 70 or 80 years in 2 hours.


All the years plus 10000 to 20000 hours of work-mastery gets condensed into minutes. This movie effect influences a lot of bloggers who quit blogging if they’re not successful in hours or days or weeks or even within a year or two. These folks panic and bail because they have this idea that everything is quick and easy, based on the movies.


Do not allow the hero movie effect to make you delusional guys. To get *really good* at this blogging gig, it will take 10000 to 15000 hours of your life. That’s how you live your dreams.

  1. Sabina says:
    at 2:27 pm

    I love your opening line. It’s true, to say the least! 😉

    It is also true that there is so much work being done behind the scenes when you’re a blogger. If people judged the work I do on my blog just by my new blog posts, the infrequency would lead them to believe I’m not doing much at all! You make a really great point with this post and I’m glad you wrote it. 🙂

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