Most of the Time Blogging Will Never Go How You WANT it to Go

February 12, 2019
Walking through the Balkan Valley in Turkey.


Cold weather here in Turkey.


20’s at night. 40’s during the day. I love it. But chills become chillier if you have not central heating. Kelli whipped up a few wicked fires, but today, nothing seems to catch. No worries. I am open, flexible and willing to take what God brings me. Today, Spirit brought me loads of sun. I walk to the deck, and, like a lizard, soak up 10 minutes of brilliant, direct sunshine, warm up, walk inside and get to blogging work.


Flexibility wins again, folks.


One part of me wants the fire. But my desire ain’t happening today. Kelli holds far more fire-starting skills. Plus, 10 minutes on the deck once in a while helps me reach the desired effect; warmth.


My heating situation here in Turkey teaches you the ultimate blogging lesson, perhaps: blogging will never go how you WANT it to go, much of the time.


But in the end, you will have fun and live your dreams.


Blogging will never go how you WANT it to go, much of the time. But in the end, you will have fun and live your dreams.Click To Tweet


Fun Blogging Success


The moment I largely let go my core desires, my wants, my way, and listened to service, help and Spirit’s Way, life became easy. Life became uncomfortable too; who trusts fully in Spirit, or The Way? Few do. But seeing how being flexible, open and willing to listen to signals, changes your life magically, nudges you toward having fun helping people and being flexible in how you offer help.


I wanted to do live videos days prior. But being busy and seeing a sometimes choppy live feed nudged me to release MY WAY to make room for THE WAY; more offline videos, uploaded later. Ditto for blogging the prior 5 days. My Way meant having fun being as I was in Oman. Nope. 2 hours of dog walking and learning the ropes for our new house sit here in Ortahisar meant I reduce my blog work-play load.


Tools, strategies and techniques change over time, as does the blogging path. I hated doing videos years ago. Now I love Lives. Why? MY WAY dissolved into THE WAY. Or, flexibility, open-ness and love became my vibe, while I let go rigidness, closed minded ness and deep fears.


Ya know the quote; if you want to make God laugh, give him your plans. Ha! No truer quote exists because you and I know blogging and life carried us down alleys we’d never have seen if we fought, strained and strove to do things our way, the way we wanted, down our planned path, just how we wanted the path to unfold.




Happy, successful bloggers are:


  • nimble
  • flexible
  • resourceful (me basking in the sun in Turkey, versus trying to force heat through a fire)
  • fun-loving
  • pretty detached from outcomes
  • willing to change plans at the drop of a hat
  • willing to be uncomfortable
  • nudgers into fears
  • listeners to Love
  • are folks who surrender their desires for a higher calling
  • are folks who surrender how they want things, for the simplest, clearest way to reach an end


Guys; be open. Focus on holding these intents: have fun helping people and making friends. Strategies change. Tools change. Results change. Paths change. Intent? Stays the same. Have fun helping people. Let go your way, and how you want it, to uncover the simpler and easier way, listening to your heart, to take The Way.


You know what I mean.


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